Thursday, October 05, 2006

Most Important '06 Races

I'd love to hear what all of you (right and left a like) think are the most important races in the upcoming elections... 33 days left.

We have some hot ones here in PA:

Rendell VS. Swann (though this won't effect Congress):
I don't think Swann can win this. I think he *could* have won this an caused the political upset of all time --but I think he hired the wrong team.

My Prediction: Fast Eddie (Rendell)

Santorum VS. Casey
Santorum on the other hand has a top-notch campaign team. I linked his last ad because it was so good, but low-and-behold the new one is even better:

My Prediction: Santorum

Murtha VS. Irey
It seems that even the NYT has to comment of Murtha's service in Congress -and if the gray lady needs to speak out against this darling of the left, that's pretty bad for Murtha.
"Irey was responding to a Sunday New York Times article that says the veteran Johnstown Democrat operates a “political trading post” from his House seat.

Murtha, the top Democrat on a House defense-spending subcommittee, often persuades members of his own party to vote for Republican initiatives “in a tacit exchange for earmarks for himself and his allies,” the Times reported." (source)
I don't really know anything about the woman that's running against him, but a group called Boot Murtha is putting tons of time into getting Murtha out.

No prediction here.

I heard a pundit today say that Democrats are going to "capitalize on discontentment over the economy". Say what? if Democrats can campaign on the economy when we have an all time high with the DOW, low gas prices, virtually no unemployment and housing prices dropping 1/3 in the next year then we deserve to lose.

It's also no surprise that a Dem has already made a commercial using the Foley scandal.

There is a new Reuters poll about the race outcomes. What races are you watching and what are your predictions?

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