Saturday, October 07, 2006

Modern Concert-Going:
10 Things I Didn't Know

1) There are more over 35 Nick Lachey fans than I could have possibly imagined...fully decked out in "Team Nick" t-shirts and Louie Vuitton bags.

2) The open cell phone has replaced the lighter during slow songs.

3) The crowd will even cheer for commercials played on a big screen before the show if they feature the artist they came to see.

4) Opening bands will now openly plead with you to buy their CDs and will promise to sit in the lobby and sign each and every one.

5) Putting your five year old little girl in a "Future Ms. Lachey" t-shirt and pretending you were there for her wasn't fooling anyone.

6) The sound of 3,000+ screaming screeching women and girls is more lethal than a percussion bomb.

7) Drinking beer is no longer about imbibing a liquid, but only a sign that you can buy a beer.

8) Girls will even line up for any random ex-Real World cast member that shows up at the venue's lobby.

9) There are parents that actually rent their 13 year olds limos for shows.

10) Nick Lachey may not have been worth the trip to the hood.

(*Bonus) 11) Say what you will, but Nick has a damn good voice. He did 2 Zeppelin covers and a Stevie Wonder cover...well.

Yes, I bought a t-shirt...(His shoulders didn't look as broad in real life! LOL):

The sound guy's shirt:

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