Friday, October 27, 2006

Litmus Test for Voters

...I know it's wishful thinking, but ohhhh isn't it a sweet thought? As the election draws closer I am just beside myself pondering the stagnant voter pool.

Have you heard some of Leno's & Hannity's random street interviews? The average American knows nothing. It's not funny, it's sad and pathetic.

It's not campaign managers' fault commercials are full of lies --they're just doing their jobs...if the American people weren't so daft, they could never get away with it. Here's a perfect example:

There was a clandestine, middle of the night pay raise here in the Pennsylvania State Senate. Pennsylvanian's were pissed (I wasn't so mad about the raise--just the shady was it was procured). Our governor, Ed Rendell (also known as Fast Eddie), signed the raise, then when the firestorm began he defended the raise stating that it "was legal". NOW, he's running a commercial against Lynn Swann that states, "Swann supports the politicians that took the pay raise" OMG, are you kidding me? First of all, they all took it -Dems and Repubs alike...but HE SIGNED THE DAMN THING. Swann wasn't even around back then --and he is so bold as to put it in his commercials. It's very Twilight Zone.

And why is that? Because he knows his constituents will have no clue.

I HATE voter drives. I have been asked to participate in so many and I always say no. Anyone that can't figure out how to register (you can even do it on MySpace now),without me knocking down their door, has no business in a voting booth. What's the point--it's like filling in designs on the math section of your SATs?

I wish we could raise the bar. I wish there was a small current events quiz right in the booth that would turn green or red if you were savvy enough to vote. Anyone that wouldn't want that must just need the numbers --I don't care about the numbers...I want informed voters (and to my lib brother's credit, he agrees). The Democratic process, blah, blah... It's also part of the process to know who the hell you're voting for too.

A girl can dream right?

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