Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Liberals VS. Conservatives: Yet Another Glaring Difference

The other day the boys and I were watching an HBO Family documentary about musical prodigies called The Music in Me.

One of the featured children was "Una" from Portland, Oregon. I will resist the urge to say disparaging things about an 11 year old girl as she is just a product of her environment and only regurgitating what she has been taught...

She performs a "song" called "Global Warming" in which she sings:

"Be friendly to the earth; it will be friendly back. Global warming, it's not just a prediction anymore.
"Bush is such an IDIOT, He won’t sign the Kyoto Treaty" (source)

My kids' response to this segment of the film?

"Mommy, I thought you were never supposed to talk about the President that way, even if you don't agree with him."

"That's right bud, but some parents have no couth."

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