Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's a Conviction...

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I made a "Donate Now" button for "Young Americans" and gave it a home at the top of my sidebar.

Over the past year I have had offers to place ads, but I just don't know how I feel about that... But this is different. From time to time I run across a charity that seems extra-special to me and have posted about it in case it struck a chord in you too... But this is different from that also.

I can't explain why this has become such a conviction for me, but I really want "Young Americans" out there for the world to see. I feel like too many in this country are losing faith in our men and women serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan and this SEVEN MONTH look at what they are doing is long in coming. This will tell us so much more than some 3 minute news clip taken from inside the Green Zone.

Pat Dollard has poured his life savings into making this film --and now, in the home stretch, he needs our help.

Now, the reward for any donations is getting this movie finalized...but Pat has two bonus incentives (for donations of $20 or more):
1) An "associate producer" credit on the film
2) A "JihadiKiller" T-shirt

From Pat's Website:
"Help "Young Americans" see the Light of Day. Help us battle the incessant anti-war, anti-administration media message, with the balance America needs from "Young Americans". Help get out the message to support the war in Iraq and the troops there. Help the Marines who served have their story told. And help the families of the Marines I served with who were killed. I gave it all up, my life and my income, to serve my country in the War in Terror, with the one weapon a 42 year old civilian like me could use: a camera. I'm bleeding my life savings dry, and we all need your help with finishing funds for the project. I may soon have to go back to Ramadi to cover a potential large operation in the city ala Fallujah. It's a risk, as usual, that I'm willing to take. Any donation you can make towards "Young Americans" will be greatly appreciated, and more importantly, will have a huge impact on America by helping to balance out the non-stop BS liberal message we are all drowning in. All contributors, if requested, will be named in the end title sequence with a shared Associate Producer credit. Please rally around the project, the Marines, and America. A large percentage of the profits from this project will be donated to education and other funds for the families of those Marines I was with who made the ultimate sacrifice. The rest will simply go to funding ongoing operations. See you in Iran!"

Let's get this done!!! DONATE HERE (or use the sidebar when you have some cash to spare).

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