Sunday, October 29, 2006

It Could Always Be Worse...Right?

I always refer to the act of thinking of devastating events to put your own in perspective as "My Life as a Dog" thinking (A reference to one of my favorite foreign films in which the main character does just that to get through the trying events in his young life).

The Man says problems are all relative, but I disagree. We once went to one of his clients' houses right after we had Justice, we were really struggling to stay afloat at the time, and all the woman could talk about was how her weekend had been ruined because her towel warmers weren't working. Towel warmers?! I was so angry by the time we left. The Man went on about the fact that to her it was a major problem. Ugh, give me a break. Even when really terrible things happen to me I think of that --and think "this is just towel warmers compared to people in Darfur"... Wow, that sounds really granola crunchy, but it helps keep me grateful for what I have even when things aren't perfect.

Hmmm, I really went off on a tangent when I was just going to post some funny "My Life as Dog" pictures to get you all feeling better about going back to your jobs tomorrow...

So I guess I'll pose the question: Are all problems relative? Are there a such things as major and minor problems or does it only matter how they impact the person?

(H/T: 92alpha)

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