Friday, October 06, 2006

I Was a Bad Mom...

Tuesday night I went upstairs to put out the clothes the boys would wear for school the next day. Not thinking much of it I pulled an Eagles jersey out and off Justice went on his merry way the next morning. At about 10am a vision of them walking to the bus flashed through my mind and I saw the number 81. Oh No! I sent him to school in a T.O. jersey! I called AB (the football nut) and she proceeded to make me feel worse..."HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?" Then one of The Man's employees just got all quiet and looked at me like I'd sprouted horns..."No. You didn't! You did?"

The kid is only in 2nd grade...maybe no one will even care.

"Hey bud, how was your day?"
"I hate you"
"The jersey?"
"People said stuff?"
"Yeah only that they were gonna kill me and beat me up and rip it off me and kill me again!!!"
"I am so sorry bud, it didn't hit me until you were already gone"
"Yeah, well thanks for that"

He insisted on wearing his McNabb jersey yesterday. I guess he considered it penance. ...See, this is why I refused to let him get a name or number on the Flyers jersey...those things are too damn expensive to ditch them every time a player gets booted or traded.

OMG, Speaking of T.O....You HAVE to watch this video (AB dedicates it to Jpck):

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