Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Tried to Avoid the Whole Michael J. Fox Thing...

...but I feel I need to weigh in briefly.

Last week J. Marquis emailed me a link to the now infamous Michael J. Fox commercial. I could only get through a few seconds of it. It's too hard to watch Alex P. Keaton that way...

Then of course the "controversy" erupted over Rush Limbaugh's description of the commercial. Please people. You've never acted out a motion you couldn't adequately describe with words to let the person you’re telling get the full effect of the event? I do it all the time. Once at a Driver's License Center a guy asked me to sign something and slapped a flipper-like hand onto the table...there was a pen in it. Now, this story has much more impact when I tell it in person and use my left arm to pull my right arm forcefully onto the table with a loud thwap. I'm not making fun of the guy...just letting the person I'm relaying the story to experience a little of the shock I did at the time. That is what Rush was doing. (Remember, I chastised my own party when they blew the whole Joe Biden 7-Eleven thing out of proportion too.)

Rush also said that Fox was exaggerating the Parkinson's effects for the camera --which was true (It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out--Everyone that's watched Boston Legal knows he wasn't showing the symptoms on the show). Fox admitted in his autobiography that when he speaks about the disease he stops taking his meds so people see the debilitating nature of the disease. I get that. The problem with that thinking is....the commercial was so utterly depressing and distracting that when I was done watching I had no clue what it was for. A candidate? A proposition? A PSA?

The debate SHOULDN'T be about Michael J. Fox and his understandable need to put hope into embryonic stem cells, or Rush Limbaugh's animated story telling...but about the proposal on the Missouri ballot that I posted about two weeks ago. The one that Michael J. Fox just admitted that he never even read before he made the commercial and started advocating for it. The bill that most Missourians think will outlaw cloning, but will actually require the government to PAY FOR cloning.

I wonder if all the left-wing sites that chastised Rush for "being mean" will now lecture Fox for making a commercial in support of something he never even read...

(The Michael J. Fox Commercial)

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