Friday, October 13, 2006

A Hand UP, Not a Hand Out...

I hate when I hear people talking about how "cold-hearted Republicans" would take away everything that helps the poor and let them flail about in the streets dying of hunger... Republicans believe in helping people help themselves.

Republicans don't believe in cradle to grave welfare and the creation of a dependent welfare state --with no productivity, no ingenuity, no entrepreneurship and a pathetic economy. It is my long held belief that Democrats facilitate this "I need the government" mentality to concrete a dependent voter base.

Here is a great example of the "hand up" that's always talked about:

"...Emma "Matty" Yturralde was the exact opposite of a bank's dream borrower: A newly divorced single mom with a $13-an-hour job. Her finances were so tight, she had a tenant sleeping in her living room.

She had a car, but it was in the shop almost as often as it was on the road. The bus ride to her job at Kmart took an hour and a half. Too proud to ask for a ride home, Yturralde, now 49, said she would sometimes wait outside the store to see if a co-worker offered one.

Her life changed in 2003 with a $2,000 grant for a car and a $4,000 auto loan at 4 percent interest through a nonprofit program called Ways to Work, which enabled her to buy a 2001 Daewoo. The store where she worked closed a few months later, but she was able to drive to a new job at a store farther away.

"If I didn't get the loan at just that time, I don't know what would have happened to me," she said. "Maybe I would have lost my job, maybe I would have gone on welfare or worse."

Advocates say Ways to Work, which has underwritten $36 million in loans to 24,000 families since it began as a small program in Minnesota in 1984, is part of a new model for social service programs, one that delivers human services aimed at economic self-sufficiency. Borrowers in the program, which is in place at about 50 human services organizations in 25 states, are low-wage workers who either have poor credit or no credit. The program is targeted at getting them not just a car, but also a decent credit score and a bank account..." (source)

She didn't go on welfare...she was an able bodied woman that just needed to get on her feet. She didn't wallow in self pity, she used the hand up to GET A BETTER JOB and therefore become a productive part of society...with self-worth.

The Way To Work program has helped borrowers increase their incomes by 41% and have a 90% repayment history.

Bravo Ways to Work!!!

(H/T: Liz)

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