Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gerry Studds Died Saturday...

...and every headline (even in the wake of the Foley scandal) says something like, "Congress’s first openly gay man dies"...
Except for RedState.org which had the much more apropos: "Studds dies 33 years after bending over 17 year old".

Articles credit him with being "the first openly gay member of Congress and a demanding advocate for New England fishermen and for gay rights" (source)

But even amidst the furor of the Foley scandal with Nancy Pelosi droning on about how the Democrats protect kids --the articles seem to all leave out Studds most notorious act. The act of having sex with an underage Congressional page. Not emailing a page...having sex with a page, being convicted of it, pleading guilty to it...and being RE-ELECTED SIX MORE TIMES. Wait, it gets better...then having none other than "we protect children" Pelosi nominate him to head Congressional committees!

"Once outed, however, Mr. Studds refused to buckle to conservative pressure to resign. "All members of Congress are in need of humbling experiences from time to time," he said at the time.

But he never apologized. He defended the relationship as consensual and condemned the investigation, saying it had invaded his privacy."

This is like an episode of Twilight Zone... reading what all the Dems said when they got up to speak at his memorial service such as:

Like Barney Franks saying he "gave people the courage to be who they were" or Teddy Kennedy saying that he "changed Massachusetts forever" and that "we'll never be the same" or William D. Delahunt who said that "even now, his legacy is alive and well in the halls of Congress."

They can't even use the excuse that they were "just trying to be nice" since the man is dead --because I am sure that's all Trent Lott was thinking when he made "nice" comments about Strom Thurmond...but he also resigned.

So should all these Senators be asked to resign for making nice to a pedophile and authority abuser...?

...Once again this reiterates the plain and simple fact (as proven by history) that when republicans err they take responsibility and step down from leadership positions, but when Democrats mess up they evade, deny and defy...

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