Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Future of Ground Zero

The "rebuilding" at Ground Zero has been stalled again. In the past few weeks there has been More than 200 pieces of human remains unearthed at the site. (I can't help but think this would have been a perfect dumping ground for murder victims post-9/11...but I am sure Dick Wolf thought of that first...)

"...The Twin Towers in New York City were hit by hijacked passenger jets and collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001, killing 2,749 people. Some 1,150 of the victims have either not been identified or not recovered.

A spokeswoman for New York's Chief Medical Examiner's Office said that on Thursday an additional nine pieces of bone were found, bringing the total for the week to 202 pieces, ranging from 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 12 inches (30 cm) in length.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has defended the clean-up of the site, although he said he was at a loss to explain why the bones had not been discovered sooner.

The manholes where the bones were first discovered last Thursday had been covered by a temporary road built after the attacks to allow in cranes to start removing debris.

"Who is going to be held responsible for the emotional, mental and physical damage this has done to the families?" said Adele Milanowycz on, a Web site posting updates for families on the searches.

"Why is this not front-page news? We read about bodies being found in Iraq in mass graves and we are horrified. How is this not horrifying the world?" wrote Milanowycz, who lost her son Greg in the attacks.

Bloomberg has said the city would not shut down construction while searches continued on the western edge of the site where commemoration ceremonies for the families of victims are held on each anniversary of the attacks.

The discovery is the latest setback for the rebuilding effort at the World Trade Center site. Construction of a new Freedom Tower began in April after bickering over financing, security and design delayed plans." (source)

The fact that five years later we are still bickering about reconstruction annoys the hell out of me. It seems to me the "Freedom Tower" will never be brought to fruition --and I've never understood why only one "Freedom Tower"?

The other night, the boys and I were watching Adam Sandler's movie "Click" and near the end of the film the camera scans the New York City skyline circa 2023 --in the shot there are two Freedom Towers standing tall. My breath actually caught in my throat. Until that moment I don't think I fully realized how important the rebuilding is to the country's healing. Seeing those towers erected again was awesome...even if it was only a movie...

Let's get this done already!

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