Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Educate Yourself: 14 days Left

Planned Parenthood employees have been caught on tape offering to help a 13-year-old girl and her 22-year-old "boyfriend" cover up his crime:

"If you come in with your older boyfriend, we're not going to say you can't be with him" "Your parents will not know about anything" "If they find out that he's 22, he can go to jail" "We're not the police, hon" "As long as you're 12 years and older" "We don't have to tell your parents anything" "In the state of California, the parents have no right."
(Over 90 phone calls recorded -This one the woman says "no age limit, no parental consent needed" -beware it will make you puke.)

On November 7th California Voters will be asked to vote on Proposition 85 (The Parent's Right to Know and Child Protection Initiative)... and they should ALL be checking the "YES" button. Currently, under California law a child only needs to be 12 years old to obtain an abortion WITHOUT parental consent.

Now most opponents of the No-Notification laws point out that the same young girl couldn't pierce her ears, go on a field trip or even receive an aspirin in her school without parental consent...and that's all true --but there's a much more sinister sub-plot here.

This law allows pedophiles to cover up their crime for the cost of the "procedure":

"In one tragic case, which is fairly typical, an adult soccer coach in his early 20s seduced a 13-year-old soccer player and got her pregnant. He forced her to go to the local Planned Parenthood, where he paid for her abortion.

And Planned Parenthood even obliged the soccer coach after the abortion by giving his 13-year-old victim an injection of Depo Provera - a powerful birth control drug - so he could continue committing this criminal act! Planned Parenthood kept everything under wraps.

The truth about this soccer coach's outrageous abuse of this teen girl came out when a conscientious teacher learned of if and blew the whistle."

Planned Parenthood has put $528,971.34 into blocking this bill. (source) Why do you think that is?

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