Friday, October 13, 2006

Conservative Computer Geeks Needed...

According to an article by Robert Cox, the plan of the Left is, "We need to own the Internet the way the right owns talk radio."

And they seem to be accomplishing that goal...

"Consider that, according to USA Today, 98 percent of the money donated to political parties by Google employees — “Google Millionaires” — went to Democrats.

But it’s not just Google’s media and financial muscle that benefits the left. Liberals run the leading blog search engine — Technorati. They run the leading blog software manufacturer — Six Apart. They invented two of the most important blogging technologies — Podcasting and RSS. The list goes on and on." (source)

Hugh Hewitt’s response was similar to many on the right: “It doesn’t matter who creates the tools used by bloggers, but what bloggers do with those tools.”

But, according to the article, now that Google bought You Tube Michelle Malkin's videos have been removed and her account deleted --with no avenue for recourse. Is the grand plan to shut conservative voices out of the information highway? We may not be able to compete with the limousine liberals when it comes to cold hard cash...but I know we can blow them away when it comes to brains and ingenuity --where are all the right leaning software developers...?!

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