Monday, October 16, 2006

Condensed Blogging...

I have a lot I wanted to post about, but today's the day they induce my little sister so I have a million things to get done before 4pm. If I end up being at the hospital all night, I can't really promise anything substantive for tomorrow either...

Of course no scandal involving a Democrat gets the legs that GOP scandals do...but the out-spoken Senate Minority leader Harry Reid seems to be embroiled in his own little fiasco.

"Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., received a $700,000 profit for the sale of land he hadn't personally owned for three years.

When an Associated Press reporter asked him about the deal, the senator hung up. Mr. Reid had failed to disclose key parts of financial transactions in violation of Senate rules. After the story broke, he asked the Senate Ethics Committee to amend his financial disclosure forms if necessary; a Reid spokesman blamed Republicans." (source)

Fattening up Terrorists
Some on the far (read: Kooky) Left have compared GITMO to a concentration camp. Did you ever hear of a Jewish prisoner during WWII gaining weight at Auschwitz? On average detainees at GITMO have gained 20 lbs. each on that yummy mango chicken, but one incarcerated terrorist has indulged himself enough to go from 215lbs. to 410lbs. (I guess taxpayers will now have to foot the bill for gastric bypass surgery?).

Of course now the fact that they are gaining weight seems to be a human rights violation -how about the fact that they lived in a desert and couldn't afford to eat before...? Each inmate gets 90 minutes of exercise a day --which I daresay is probably 90 minutes more than most Americans...

If ya can't beat 'em...get 'em too fat for their suicide vests...

Jack Straw broke International PC Laws
How dare Britain’s Jack Straw tell Muslim women they should take off their Niqab (one step under the burka) when they come in to speak to him --I mean a woman looking straight into the eyes of a man like she's his equal?! How dare he! This is a Muslim custom and these women chose to cover themselves and be completely subjugated and shunned from normal society and who is he to try to pull them in and make them feel equal...

"...Tasaddiq Rehman, from the Blackburn Muslim Council, who said: “Jack Straw didn’t really start a debate. He declared war against the Muslim community and then he wants a debate.

“This talk about the veil is another affront to the Muslim community. Jack Straw is a Christian fascist.

“He has actually segregated the community in the name of trying to call for Muslims to integrate.”

A group of women wearing niqab veils chanted: “The veil is our choice and our liberation. The veil is our freedom." (source)

A few brave secular Muslim women are coming forward to praise Straw's stance on the veil...

Straw shows that he has the constitution to take international heat and say what Gloria Steinem and Naomi Wolf should have said ages ago. Bravo to him.

Mississippi Racism
...against Whites apparently. It is reported that a twice convicted felon, who is also the chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee of Noxubee County, Miss (he's a DNC chairmen and he can't vote himself?), is busing in Blacks to vote (which I don't really understand because less than 30% of the population is White).

"...The Justice Department’s main focus is Ike Brown, a local power broker whose imaginative electoral tactics have for 20 years caused whisperings from here to the state capital in Jackson, 100 miles to the southwest. Mr. Brown, tall, thin, a twice-convicted felon, the chairman of the Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee and its undisputed political boss, is accused by the federal government of orchestrating — with the help of others — “relentless voting-related racial discrimination” against whites, whom blacks outnumber by more than 3 to 1 in the county.

His goal, according to the government: keeping black politicians — ones supported by Mr. Brown, that is — in office.

To do that, the department says, he and his allies devised a watertight system for controlling the all-determining Democratic primary, much as segregationists did decades ago.

Mr. Brown is accused in the lawsuit and in supporting documents of paying and organizing notaries, some of whom illegally marked absentee ballots or influenced how the ballots were voted; of publishing a list of voters, all white, accompanied by a warning that they would be challenged at the polls; of importing black voters into the county; and of altering racial percentages in districts by manipulating the registration rolls. ..." (source)

It must be pretty blatant fraud because even liberal Democrats and some Black pastors are standing behind the lawsuit being brought under the Voting Rights Act.

Looks like things have come full circle in Mississippi...

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