Friday, October 20, 2006

CNN Gives Aid & Comfort to the Enemy

This isn't hyperbole and I'm so upset right now I shouldn't even be typing... I just watched a video on CNN that The Man wouldn't even believe was real until he saw it with his own eyes...

A CNN reporter [voices over(?)] a video with "insurgents" in Iraq as they target and shoot at our troops with sniper rifles as the reporter drones on about the clear shot they have from that vantage point --then one soldier is hit and falls forward...

OMG...has CNN lost all fucking scruples? DO CNN viewers not even realize they are watching a CNN reporter SIT THERE AND REPORT while American soldiers are being targeting and killed?!

There HAS to be something illegal about this.

This is the description of the video:
"Iraqi insurgent snipers wait and document killing U.S. soldiers. CNN's Michael Ware reports."

I'm trying to get a direct link o the video, but in the interim if you want your head to explode...go to CNN and under videos click "A sniper's-eye view of Iraq".

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press is one thing --a reporter from an American news organization standing by while American soldiers are killed seems quite another...

Ted Turner and Michael Ware should be GITMO's next inmates. This is disgraceful...even for CNN.

CNN is defending their decision

Contact CNN and let them know what you think about this "executive decision".

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