Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bye Bye Nextel...

...and Hellloooo hot pink RAZR!

We finally realized that we were hanging on to the Nextels for the two-way walkie-talkie feature when we hate the two-way walkie-talkie feature. We have put up with astronomical monthly bills for absolutely no service for years. I had to post about this because even when we would call Nextel to complain about the signal...we'd lose signal and have to call back! Once when I called to complain, the operator's phone kept cutting out and when I said to her, "Hey, sounds like you're on a Nextel" she cracked up...she knew their service sucked.

We hated Comcast, Bell Atlantic (Verizon) and Sprint --so we're giving T-Mobile a shot. And even if the service sucks, it'll suck on a cute pink RAZR! ;)

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