Thursday, October 05, 2006

Border Fence Bill & Terrorism

Do I think that a huge Israeli-style fence will solve the problem of illegals crossing the borders? Of course not, but it's a gesture...a positive symbol if you will. Bush signed the bill for funding the fence on Wednesday.

For anyone that still hasn't made the connection between terrorism and illegal immigration, think about this:

The murdering terrorist that piloted Flight 93 (Ziad Jarrah) was pulled over on September 9th for doing over 90mph on I-95. His VISA was expired (for over a year!) --he was in this country illegally. Yet, because local and State police already have so much on their plates...and because there are just too damn many illegal aliens, they let him go on his merry way (with a $200 ticket). That merry way was murdering 40 Americans just two days later.

I don't blame the cops. They can't be expected to do their jobs and the job of INS and ICE. I blame all the illegals pouring into the country that make it virtually impossible for us to differentiate who is sneaking in to do the jobs Americans don't want to do --or who is here to hurt us.

So, will the bill solve our immigration problems? No, but it may cut down on the amount of people police need to worry about and it will send a message to Mexico (and al Qaeda) that the American people are going to vote based on this issue.

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