Friday, October 20, 2006

Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil

I am not sure if anyone involved with this movie (that was released on DVD Tuesday) had anything to do with the first 'Behind Enemy Lines' that features Owen Wilson in Serbia, but I liked that one too.

This movie was obviously made before North Korea tested the nuclear missile, but is based on Kim Jon Il testing a nuclear missile. The entire plot is apropos to what is transpiring in the world right now. Now, I realize that even though they hired a Navy SEAL as a military adviser and he was very hands on, all you military types will say how unrealistic it is (I know this because every military movie I watched with my father he pointed out all the unrealistic things...)

The premise of the movie is an intriguing one...

In September 2002 there was a mushroom cloud seen on satellite over North Korea. Colin Powell quickly said it wasn't nuclear and it had to do with a hydraulics project. Condi Rice said it was a train bridge explosion and the PM of South Korea said it was a natural cloud formation. North Korea denied the explosion all together. Fishy? That's what the writer of this movie thought...

He sets his story at this time in 2002 --proposing the fictional story (based on these actual facts) that a U.S. navy SEAL team went into North Korea and demolished the missile before war could ensue.

All scenarios of war with North Korea along with projected casualties are explored. This definitely gets a thumbs up from me -- the story, the filming and the Navy SEAL eye candy ;)

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