Thursday, October 19, 2006

Are P.C. Americans Doomed to Lose?

On August 17th I wrote a post asking readers "Will the U.S. Ever Win Another War?" and yesterday Ralph Peters wrote a similar piece for the New York Post.

"...HAVE we lost the will to win wars? Not just in Iraq, but anywhere? Do we really believe that being nice is more important than victory?

It's hard enough to bear the timidity of our civilian leaders - anxious to start wars but without the guts to finish them - but now military leaders have fallen prey to political correctness. Unwilling to accept that war is, by its nature, a savage act and that defeat is immoral, influential officers are arguing for a kinder, gentler approach to our enemies.

They're going to lead us into failure, sacrificing our soldiers and Marines for nothing: Political correctness kills." (Read the entire piece)

This isn't a game. This isn't a socialistic minded soccer team where all the kids get a trophy. If we lose this war the consequences are dire...but I guess not offending anyone is more important than...say, living.

I recently received this email:

"R.I.P. Habeas Corpus:
Maybe I'm just a crybaby, but this *is* the same president who shouted, "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It's just a goddamned piece of paper!" to an aide who expressed concern during an 11/05 meeting on its renewal that a number of provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act undermine the Constitution.
Oh, well. At least I can still keep my widescreen TV and watch Monday Night Football!"

And I sent this reply:

"Are you for real? Since when does Habeas Corpus apply to terrorists caught in a desert trying to kill our Military?! Isn't it bad enough this country has sunk so low we give pedophiles minimum sentences and worry that Meagan's Law offends their fragile sensibilities...that we protest the death penalty for child killers while it's legal to kill over 3 million innocent babies a year, that we secure tons of rights for terrorists that believe the Qur'an has commanded them to kill us while we accuse our soldiers and Marines of rape and murder for trying not to get killed themselves?! Habeas corpus is a CONSTITUTIONAL right --and the CONSTITUTION only applies to CITIZENS of the United States --not murdering Muslim freaks."

It's not just our left-wing politicians...many in the general public seem to have fallen into this group-think that demands a PC gentleman's war. How very sad for us.

"FDR: Knew losing was the real war crime"

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