Monday, October 09, 2006

Among My Problems With Catholicism... the fact that things can just be *poof* changed.

A pope once removed a verse from the Bible. The Bible is taught as the "Word of God" yet, one passage offended Jewish leaders and so *poof* it was gone.

Now the Vatican is thinking about *poofing* "limbo". (source) Never mind the fact that "limbo" is metioned no where in the Bible... But it's just plain mean to think babies don't get to heaven just because their backslidden parents didn't feel like paying a priest $500+ to baptize let's just *poof* that too.

I was in Blockbuster with Justice once when he was about 9 months old. He was dressed in all black with the cutest little black leather Harley jacket. Three nuns were in line ahead of us and one turned around and said, 'Don't you know you're never supposed to put a baby in black!" (Now, mind you I have never liked nuns since one decided to scold me in the middle of a mall when I was 16 for wearing a rosary as a necklace...then why did they make it a necklace?) So, I tuned and winked at her, "And he's not baptized either!"

...I digress; the point of the post is I just don't dig the whole changing the rules when they become inconvenient. You believe or you don't.

*Note to Mormons & Muslims: See, I am an equal-opportunity criticizer.

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