Monday, October 09, 2006

American Theaters: Morals or Greed?

Many U.S. cinemas have refused to screen the U.K. mock-umentary "Death of a President" in which President Bush is assassinated in 2007 (shown in English and Arabic).

Regal Entertainment Group (6,300 screens):
"We do not feel it is appropriate to portray the future assassination of a president, therefore we do not intend to programme this film at any of our theatres."

Cinemark USA (2,500 screens) also says it will not be showing the film. AMC Entertainment (5,600 screens) is still debating.

So are theatres opting out of this film because it's so highly disrespectful --or because they know it will hurt their business in the red states?

"...the film uses archive footage of Mr Bush to create the scenes that lead up to the president being shot.

Digital effects are used to superimpose his head onto an actor for the assassination scene." (source)

I'll save you the curiosity:

In the movie an Arab is arrested for the assassination (portraying America's evil bias against the always innocent Muslims) but it turns out it wasn't a Muslim at was...a black man whose son was killed in Iraq.

Oops, did I just give away the end of the movie? Sorry.

I notice that President Bush hasn't tried to censor this film... Hmmm, I guess it's only the Dems that hate free speech.

And for the record, I would think this was highly inappropriate regardless of who was in office. I may be the only American left that feels this way, but I respect the office of the President.

Unlike this movie reviewer:
"Liberal extremists and just about everyone who doesn't live in America will get to see their shared fantasy come to fruition on October 27th when the controversial festival film Death of a President hits theaters." (source)

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