Monday, October 30, 2006

Age of Consent

The other night The Man and I watched Dateline's 'To Catch a Predator' III (a show hosted by Chris Hansen in which a decoy, claiming she is 13, is used to see what adults will come to her house to have sex with her -they are then confronted with their printed IMs and emails and then arrested). On this particular installment, the would-be child molesters were overwhelmingly Indian. Was it the area they were in? Are men of Indian heritage more likely to indulge in sex with underage girls? I have no idea, but I decided to look up what the age of consent in India is... it's 16.

Part II (Proving not all pedophiles are creepy looking)

While I was looking for this information I came across a page that has some pretty wild "age of consent" information for every country and all the United States.

First, I had no idea that in many countries --and even in many American states-- the age of consent has a little play (I guess to avoid statutory rape charges). There are more countries than I thought in which homosexuality is illegal -in many of those states girl on girl sex is outlawed too, but in a few lesbianism is okay and male on male is illegal. Many of the countries have different vaginal and anal consent laws regardless of the sexual orientation.

The Philippines, Mexico and Canada have the lowest age of consent ...12. The average age is 16 for most of the countries and states listed. Only in Saudi Arabia there is no legal age...every age is illegal unless you're married, but I guess you can legally marry an 8 year old?

Some countries have different ages of consent for male and female citizens (the lower age (normally a two year difference) being for the boys of course --strange considering I thought the fact that that girls matured faster was general consensus.

The Dominican republic, Haiti, Iraq, Turkey, Uganda, Vietnam and (get this) California are the most conservative -with the age of consent at 18.

I think I agree with the median age...16 (if the partner is 18 or under). This is shown in the chart as 16/18. What do you think the lowest legal age should be? Do you think this is something that the federal government should regulate or should it be a state's rights issue?

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