Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where's the Cowboy I Voted For...?!

Are you kidding me? "No Comment" to Hugo Chavez's remarks from everyone in the Administration?

The President of another country has the cojones to come onto AMERICAN soil and say the President of the United States is el Diablo and needs a shrink...and "no comment" is the best you can do?!

I know that we have to grant Visas to those visiting the United Nations, but why is he touring around New York today handing out oil? I'm no scholar of International Law...but why can't the VISA be for the UN and the UN only? Why is this deranged megalomaniac allowed free range to walk about as he pleases...and after those comments. He slapped Bush with the white glove and Bush said 'no comment'.

Even if this were Kerry/Clinton/Dean in office I would be just as pissed. Where is the pride of country? This is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

I'm disgusted. Our President was emasculated on the world stage by a man with a parrot wearing a beret and Bush et al just turned around and bent over.

Can you hear Cindy Sheehan's gleeful giggles...?

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