Friday, September 22, 2006

When Sympathy Expires...

I was feeling terrible for Anna Nicole Smith. Regardless of what you think of her personal life...her son is dead and I can't even begin to imagine that kind of pain.

But last night I read that she is selling the dead pictures of her son for half a million dollars. OMG. When I told The Man he sarcastically said, "well, she needs to pay for the funeral"... and then I read this morning that she is being "forced to sell photos of her son Daniel taken the night before he died in order to pay for his funeral expenses."

According to In Touch executive editor Dan Wakeford, "We purchased the photos, beating the competition.

"The photos were extremely emotive, and our readers are incredibly intrigued by this story."

Wakeford says the images show "a perfectly healthy young man."

While it is unclear what portion of the proceeds will go to the former playboy playmate, a source tells Us Weekly magazine that the devastated star sold the pictures in order to pay for her son's funeral.

The source says, "She needs the money." (source)

What a crock. This is sick and all empathy for this woman is gone.

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