Thursday, September 28, 2006

This War Is Global...

Richard Miniter (who is considered by many "the" terror expert --even more so than Clinton's Richard Clark) was being interviewed yesterday and said two things that really caught my interest...

1) Bin Laden refers to us as "Franks" if he makes no distinction between individual countries in the West. We're all French.

2) Bin laden thought the World Trade Center was actually the world trade center. It seems he was under the belief that taking that building down would cripple global trading and the global economy (obvious addendum: this was before we had troops in Afghanistan or Iraq).

Now of course this information is way more relevant to Western countries other than the U.S. -as we already know we're in a war (most of us anyway). I still feel as if many countries (both the people and their governments) look at this as an "American War" (looking at terror acts in their own countries purely as retribution for cooperating with the U.S.). If this information about Bin Laden is accurate it shows that his war in not exclusive to Americans and makes it clear that Bin Laden and his ilk would celebrate the destruction of any Western, Democratic , secular State.

I wonder if the rest of the civilized world will realize this isn't about America. This isn't about BushCheneyHaliburtonRoveRummy. This isn't because "we're free". This isn't because of Iraq. This isn't because of ClintonClarkLewinskyGorelick.

This is because it was commanded by a "prophet" they believe spoke for their God. If someone truly believes...there is no way we can change that.

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