Thursday, September 14, 2006

This is How Hybrids Should Be Advertised...

Back in April I warned all you vegetarians that your protein replacement (soy) during pregnancy could cause smaller genitals in your baby boys. If that was a good reason to eat meat, this story may be a good reason to go green...

"...Exposure to high levels of pollutants may reduce the size of sexual organs in polar bears.

A Danish study examined reproductive organs from 55 male and 44 female East Greenland polar bears to find the potential negative impact from organohalogen pollutants.

The industrial pollutants, called organohalogen compounds, have been affecting polar bears in several areas, LiveScience reported.
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Polar bears from East Greenland, Svalbard, and the Western Russian Arctic are the most OHC-polluted species in the Arctic because they rely on blubber from mainly ringed seals and bearded seals, according to the study. LiveScience reported that the blubber of the seals accumulates high levels of organic pollutants, organohalogens (OHC), which act like hormones.

The shrinkage of the genitals could endanger polar bears by diminishing their sex lives, which in turn would cause their numbers to diminish.

A study showed a connection between OHC levels and a smaller uterus in female bears and smaller testis and baculum, or penis, in males, according to United Press International. UPI reported that a large penis is critical for successful mating in an arctic climate, noting that even a slight decrease may interfere with polar bears' reproduction...." (source)

If I was on the marketing team at Toyota, this is how I would be advertising the Prius! "You'll look like a wuss, but you'll be bigger than the guy in the Bronco!" ;)

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