Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Swedes Saw the Light...

...and the message from the voters that ended years of Socialism --don't create a dependant welfare state the way they did (30% on the dole) because it doesn't work.

The centre-right opposition group that defeated the Social Democratic government (and 12 years of leftist government) promised the cut taxes and reform welfare.

"...Sweden's social model - a market economy blended with a high-tax welfare state - was at stake in the election. But the opposition led by Reinfeldt's Moderate party insisted it would not dismantle the system but help it survive by promoting jobs over welfare handouts.

Sweden's election authority said 80.4 per cent of the 6.8 million voters turned out in the election..." (source)

Socialism & Communism are wonderful concepts...and in a Utopia (or in heaven) they would be the ideal... but the reality is people are greedy, power-hungry and corrupt -rendering these models useless in real life.

I'm quite proud of the Swedish voters. It took them a long time, but it looks like they're entering reality...

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