Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Strippers Banned From Funerals...

In rural Jiangsu (China) villagers have always believed that the more people that attend a funeral -the better the afterlife of the deceased will be.

This belief is undoubtedly what spawned a tradition of hiring strippers to perform at funerals...boosting attendance (male attendance anyway...)

Now that there have been arrests due to "obscene behavior" and a "funeral Misdeeds" hotline (with a $50 reward) put in place --afterlives may become a bit more humble.

"...The crackdown by authorities came after two troupes were invited to strip off at the funeral of a villager called Liang on August 16, the report said.

The agency said about 200 villagers, including children, rolled up to Liang's funeral.

Better-off families usually hired two troupes to make funerals "more bustling", it said.

After the arrests, local police issued notices banning stripping at funerals and gave a hotline number for people to report on funeral misdeeds, the report said..." (source)

So, I guess it's safe to say that pornography isn't limited to us urban 'western' folks...

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