Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sex Offenders Welcome?!

...That's the gist of a sign that is hanging in the window of a house for rent not all that far from my house:

"Section 8 and Meagan's Law Welcome"

The house is near a school and a park.

One of the local news stations did a bit of digging about landlord and found that he rented another property to TWO sex offenders (crossing guards convicted of luring kids into a house and taking pictures of them in sex acts!) --a property that was also right near a playground and school.

"...Many neighbors are concerned for the rental home is just one block away from a school and two blocks from a local park. "I was very offended and I don't get offended easily," said another resident.

Township officials said there is only so much they can do to ease their fears. "We have been advised that he has the right to put this out because of the First Amendment," said Abington Township Commissioner, John Carlin.

The township passed an ordinance which states no convicted sex offender can live 25-hundred feet from a school or playground..." (source)

For once, I'm at a loss for words...

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