Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Stories of Interest...

Muslim Women's Panel

This article details a panel of Muslim women trying to convince attendees that women are respected and have rights within Islam. Of course the age old adage "Actions speak louder than words" keep popping into my head as I read it... If Islam was so open to women there wouldn't need to be a panel to convince people.

Stay in School

This article reports that high school drops fair far worse in the US than any other country. "Adults who don't finish high school in the U.S. earn 65 percent of what people who have high school degrees make, according to a new report comparing industrialized nations. No other country had such a severe income gap."

American Public Education

Stop the ACLU has the story of students who were asked to rise for the Mexican pledge while holding small Mexican, not in Mexico...In America. Texas to be exact. And a seventh grade teacher burned flags in his classroom in Kentucky. But, there will be no criminal charges.

Border Control

There is a great article by Rich Lowry in National Review Online about the border issues facing out country: We’re All Neanderthals Now: The fence consensus.
"But a fence itself isn’t sufficient. The key is stepped-up interior enforcement to cut off the jobs magnet that draws so many illegals here. The so-called Basic Pilot program — a small, voluntary system allowing employers to verify the legal status of their employees by computer — must be expanded and made mandatory. The Social Security Administration also has to tighten up its system of notifying employers when they hire people using fake Social Security numbers. It currently is full of holes that exist as a matter of policy to allow businesses, with a nod and a wink, to keep hiring illegals. These measures would really bite, and therefore are sure to encounter the bitter opposition of pro-illegal groups."

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