Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Radio Show Starts Tonight!!!

...And I'm counting on all of you to be there listening to our very humble, neophyte beginnings... The show airs on Wide Awakes Radio and starts at 9:00 pm EST.

Who will be our first Guest you ask?

Who else but the Blogfather?! That's right folks... Our first guest is Colby Buzzell. Author of one of the first Milblogs: My War: Fear and Loathing in Iraq and the subsequent book: My War: Killing Time In Iraq (Which is released in paperback today!)

I think Colby is defying his publishers to be with us (they want him on Air America), so tune in for all the latest news from this much-missed former blogger.

If you have any questions for CB, please leave them in the comments here and I will ask them for you...

I want to thank producer Kender (coolest guy ever) of Kender's Musings for this opportunity and thank Jay at Stop the ACLU for facilitating it.


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