Thursday, September 07, 2006

Political Tug 'O War Over God Begins...

Everything gets "politicized" during an election cycle. It's the nature of the Democratic beast. God is normally first and foremost in that tug of war.

Now this may not be a popular thought, but if the Dems say the GOP "uses" fear (i.e. terrorism)...well they need to own up to "using" faith (i.e. God). The DNC, in conjunction with the ACLU, fights against deep faith, God and the "Christian right" at every turn -except election time...

Do Christians on the right own God? Of course not. But I do have to say I've never understood how a "true believer" (meaning one that takes the Bible as God's actual word to man) could vote Democrat alongside rabid pro-choice activists, creation mockers, Evangelical bashers and basically a complete secular party structure.

The Democrats are trying though -first Dean says to embrace the evangelicals and welcome them (after bemoaning their very existence on many previous occasions) and now Democrats have launched a Christian Website:

"... "The seed was planted after '04 when there was a lot of hand-wringing going on and a lot of people were wondering how on Earth Democrats failed to convey a sense of faith and values in that election," Lava told reporters in a Tuesday teleconference.

"What David and I believed was what we needed was some vehicle that would help shape the national debate on faith and politics," Lava said.

"So the main thing was to help reframe the values debate to be beyond wedge-issue politics, beyond fear and division and more focused on justice and the common good," Lava said. "So our site is explicitly a Christian community. It is explicitly a Democratic community."

National surveys have repeatedly shown that the most frequent churchgoers tend to be Republicans while those who attend church less frequently are more often Democrats.

The exception to that would be African-Americans, who comprise one of the strongest constituencies within the Democratic Party's base despite as a group having very high rates of church attendance..." (source)

I wonder which annoys God more...being thanked only at award shows or being heralded only during campaigns?

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