Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pat Dollard on '76 Underground...Tonight!

’76 Underground Scores a Famous (Infamous?) Guest!!!

On this week's installation of Wide Awakes Radio’s breakout hit '76 Underground, the *featured* guest will be PAT DOLLARD.

If you don't know who Pat is (are you living in bin Laden's cave?), he's the cinematographer, director, producer and financier of YOUNG AMERICANS. Pat, on his own dime, packed up all his equipment and headed off to the Sunni Triangle in Iraq (aka The Triangle of Death) to "hang" with some Marines that were in the thick of it. He documented his 7 months there in the film Young Americans (you may remember seeing a clip of an Iraqi saying "Michael Moore is a bitch").

Pat was a big time Hollywood agent (ran Steven Soderbergh/George Clooney’s company) so needless to say, there is a lot of controversy on the left coast about Dollard’s latest undertaking…I guess it’s safe to assume he won’t be working for Clooney anymore.

Pat is a self-proclaimed lone Republican in Hollywood and because of this project has been subject to countless slanderous articles and postings...

The Marines are thankful for what Pat has done and so are Ghost and I. We hope you’ll tune in to hear the questions others haven’t asked... This will be Pat unfettered by FCC regulation and a real look at the Marines he served with and the left-leaning establishment he is fighting against to get this movie into the hands of the American people.

Make sure to LISTEN LIVE Tuesday night 9pm – 11pm EST (That would be 6-8pm on the left coast) and feel free to call in after Pat to let us know what you thought of him and Young Americans.


Pat’s Website
Movie Clips (Clip 1 - 5 in sidebar *trailer #1 rules, but heed warning under these links!)
Donate to get the movie out there ($50 gets you a free "JihadiKiller" t-shirt)

(*Don't watch these clips at work unless you're wearing headphones --these are marines we're dealing with! LOL)

***Please leave any questions for Pat in the comments and I *swear* I'll keep checking during the show.***

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