Thursday, September 28, 2006

...On the 4,567th Leak from the NYT

After the battered Gray Lady released her cherry-picked information from the National Intelligence Estimate report I kept thinking about how the information could have possibly been attained.

How would anyone know how many people would become terrorists due to the Iraq invasion...? Did Gallup drop leaflets:

Because of the American led coalition in Iraq would you be:

__Less likely to blow yourself up
__Somewhat likely to blow yourself up
__More likely to blow yourself up
__Not at all likely to blow yourself up

Of course then we learned that there was more to the story. That the report goes on to say four different times that American withdraw would definitely create more terror as it would be heralded as a "win" for al Qaeda and that as fighters come in to Iraq and "fail" less would-be terrorists would follow. And by the way, does the NYT know that a "cause celeb" is a faddish non-lasting cause?

There has indeed been an actual poll of Iraqis done recently though...A PIPA poll (whatever that is) which claims they sampled 150 Sunni Iraqis:

"About six in 10 Iraqis say they approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces, and slightly more than that want their government to ask U.S. troops to leave within a year, a poll finds.

The Iraqis also have negative views of Osama bin Laden, according to the early September poll of 1,150.

The poll, done for University of Maryland's Program on International Policy Attitudes, found:

  • Almost four in five Iraqis say the U.S. military force in Iraq provokes more violence than it prevents.

  • About 61 percent approved of the attacks — up from 47 percent in January. A solid majority of Shiite and Sunni Arabs approved of the attacks, according to the poll. The increase came mostly among Shiite Iraqis.

  • An overwhelmingly negative opinion of terror chief bin Laden and more than half, 57 percent, disapproving of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

  • Three-fourths say they think the U.S. plans to keep military bases in Iraq permanently.

  • A majority of Iraqis, 72 percent, say they think Iraq will be one state five years from now. Shiite Iraqis were most likely to feel that way, though a majority of Sunnis and Kurds also believed that would be the case." (source)

  • The sad thing: the MSM seems to have largely ignored the declassified portions of the document and are still reporting as that never happened: Google leaked report. Not that I'm surprised.

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