Friday, September 15, 2006

Montreal Gunman -- Random Thoughts

I keep hearing reports that it was a "white man" that started the shooting spree in a Montreal college...yet he described himself as "Indian" on his website profile.

...and Kimveer doesn't sound like a "white" name. Not that it matters...

...and I can't believe there's a video game called "Super Columbine Massacre". Some people really are pretty sick.

..and why do they keep making a big deal over the fact that the shooter had a Mohawk -is that indicative of a killer? (And BTW, that is not a Mohawk...that's a fauxhawk)

...and why does the media freak out over a single "Goth" killer when teenage gang members kill hundreds each year? (I am not belittling the event -just pointing out the odd discrepancy).

I wore all black in high school, listened to death metal and doodled skulls on my notebooks. I even wore a real chicken foot on a necklace (I went to a Christian school and it was wonderful for the shock value). I never killed anyone. I never even contemplated killing anyone...or myself. I like black...I still do.

The dude was seriously messed up --stop making it about his clothing...

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