Saturday, September 16, 2006

How Ya Gonna Steal My Kid's Bike?

...Damn. And we supposedly live in one of the 'better' neighborhoods, but really -is there such a thing as a 'better' neighborhood in, around and near Philly? I think not.

I know it was some punk kid that has seen Justice riding the bike that stole it...right out of out back yard. The Freestyle BMX Mongoose Pro that his PopPop (92alpha)got for him. God forbid The Man or I sees some kid riding around on it...

I'm really pissed.

Luckily my bad mood was staved off temporarily because The Man and I went out for a great Greek dinner on Main Street in Manayunk with Nimbus last night (those crazy boys both got Ostrich, I stayed with the Chilean Sea Bass thank you very much). He was in town and it was great to be able to hang with him again. Andrew of Bloggedy Blog was in Philly too and The Man got to hang with him, but I was bummed because I couldn't --I'd really wanted to meet and ex-old skool punk turned youth cool is that!?

So anyway, I'm off to the police station to report the bike theft and to give them fair warning that any kid seen on that bike is going to get their ass kicked...nunchuka style.

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