Sunday, September 03, 2006

Home Sweet (?) Home

I have to shirk my blogging responsibilities today and try to get my life in order. The radio show starts Tuesday and the boys start school Wednesday and everything is in disarray...

I need a new computer desperately... Add it to the list.

I still haven't finished filling out all the paperwork for the Substitute teaching position, but I have been hesitant to do so in case AB needs me to help with the baby... That and I've been a complete slacker this summer.

Okay, so yes, I'm always a bit depressed and negative when I get back from vacation. We go and stay in these huge houses that are 100% clutter free and that have more kitchen counter space than a restaurant --and then I come home to my house which has 5 years worth of clutter and no counter space worth speaking of... and while we were down there our friends gave us new bunk beds for the boys (the kind that have the full bed on the bottom) and since this house was built over a 100 million years ago the stairwells were obviously crafted with pygmies in mind --we had to hoist everything to the second floor through a hall window... welcome home.

So you see, the mood I'm in, it's better you don't hear from me today. Though I did want to thank everyone for their guest posts and all the very kind emails asking if we made it through Ernesto -which we did.

So thank you and I'm off to go sulk and stress now... I'll be happier tomorrow. Promise.

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