Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hats Off to Rush...

...and Hannity, Laura Ingraham and even Al Franken.

I thought going from the blog to a talk show would be easy. Talking is what I do best. I can talk endlessly on the phone, at a gathering where I know no one and have no apprehension about public speaking the way many do.

I was wrong. It's hard. Not only are there all the technical considerations that never present themselves in real life --like tactfully cutting someone off for a break, successfully transitioning into the next topic and having your own voice echoing through your headphones on a three second delay --but it's incredibly hard to plan out what to talk about without having it be boring and pre-planned.

I am petrified of 'dead air'. I hate hearing my own voice, so when I do I completely lose my train of thought and have trouble constructing coherent sentences.

I'm not complaining here at all. It's a great experience and I will conquer the fear of my own voice if it's the last thing I do... I'm just surprised at how nerve-wracking it is and what a completely different formula from the blog (writing) it will entail.

...Last night while we were on and the echo was at its worst, I just kept thinking of Rush who kept on even after he lost his hearing.

To those of you that listened...thank you. I know that we'll suck for a while until we get the hang of all this and I appreciate your pity in the interim! ;)

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