Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy 2nd Annual Non-Labor Day

Since I am the self-proclaimed #1 anti-Labor Union advocate in the blogosphere I will take this "holiday" each year to bring you further news of union corruption...

Starting off with this great piece from the Nashua Telegraph by Deroy Murdock :

Union dues underwrite labor bosses’ extravagance

"...Labor Day, this country’s mislabeled national work stoppage, inspires union bosses to march in parades honoring America’s employees. Union members should use this occasion to learn where union chiefs spend their hard-earned dues.

Just as transparency rules now obligate corporations to pry open their books, the Bush administration insists that unions more thoroughly disclose their expenditures. This spending mainly comes from dues forcibly collected from rank-and-file members.

The Center for Union Facts ( has analyzed the Labor Department’s “LM-2” records for fiscal year 2005 and organized them in a user-friendly database. It details Big Labor’s twin commitments to liberalism and luxury.

During the 2004 elections, the Center for Responsive Politics ( reports, unions spent at least $61,484,080 in political contributions – 87 percent to Democrats, 13 percent to Republicans. That year, a CNN exit poll found, 61 percent of union members voted for Democrat John Kerry, while 38 percent supported Republican George W. Bush.

Labor often backs very liberal causes. The National Education Association (NEA) contributed $1,210,000 to progressive groups, including the Fund to Protect Social Security ($250,000), People for the American Way ($51,000) and the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network ($5,000). Gay, straight or betwixt, it would not be immediately evident to anyone how any of this helps instructors teach kids to read and write...

...As union members savor the late-summer sun this Labor Day, they should ask themselves if their well-merited dollars don’t belong in their own pockets rather than in those of America’s insatiable union bosses." (Read the entire article!)

Here's another great one that points out the hypocrisy of the Dems crying about Enron and scattered cooperate scandals when they support unions that have constant corruption...

Labor's dirty little secret --By Carl Horowitz

"...But organized labor officials can't keep pointing to aggressive and illegal corporate behavior as a way of avoiding the fact that they've got major integrity problems of their own. Each month brings a fresh new set of arrests, indictments and convictions of union leaders and/or their office employees somewhere in the U.S. The fact that unions during the 2003-04 election cycle raised nearly $200 million for political organizations doesn't exactly dispel their image as being more devoted to maintaining their own power than to representing employees.

A loss of public credibility explains in part why less than 8 percent of the nonfarm private-sector work force now belongs to a union. If labor leaders want to boost that share, they need to be more honest in their dealings. Congress may one day be forced to intervene and repeal the forced-dues collection clause in the National Labor Relations Act." (source)

A great resource for tracking union spending and subsequent corruption (and this is only financial corruption and not strong-arming and harassing non-union workers) is: You have all heard me talk about the giant inflatable union Rat that they protest with --well this awareness group has a giant inflatable dinosaur. Unions being the "colossal fossil" and all!!! (*pictured)

You can look up each union and check the stats... We'll look at the Carps ( The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America) because for some unknown reason they have earned my greatest ire.

The General President makes $382,652. 94% of political (hard) money goes to Democrats and 1% to Republicans. $ 4,957,033 went to 527 (soft money) contributions. There are tons of allegations pending for everything from threatening statements to assaults.

The moral of this story is, if you are talented/skilled enough to possess a technical trade you are in demand even with virtually no unemployment. You don't need to belittle yourself and your ability to negotiate for yourself by unionizing. If your job, boss, benefits or working conditions suck --find another job. Don't degrade yourself by allowing someone else to take a chunk of your check performing a "service" that you could do yourself.

The Man is always looking for talented, commercial HVAC mechanics...

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