Friday, September 08, 2006

From Cadet to Fire Fighter

Yesterday the 181st Cadet class of the Philadelphia Fire Department was sworn in at their Philadelphia Fire Academy Graduation Ceremony:

My brother was among the graduates. My father (92alpha) was one of the officers in attendance along with AB and I and most of the big brass. Though Mayor John Street failed to show...

As is my life now, I used this occasion to network a bit and secured a radio interview with Lt. Bresnan... the President of C.A.F.F.A.. I am SO excited!!! Remember the white firefighter in Philly that had the KKK hood put in his locker (the FBI is involved)? Well, we're going to try to get him too.

My brother is now officially a Philadelphia Fire Fighter, my Dad earned bragging rights, my sister got an offer from a Lt. to take pre-baby pictures and I made a great contact. A good time was had by all...

CONGRATULATIONS Traumahound!!!! You deserve this!

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