Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Free Speech" on CBS & NBC

Bill Maher claims he was booted from the "Free Speech" series on Katie Couric's "CBS Evening News" because he was going to discuss religion...(source)

Though anyone that has watched Maher even once knows that he disdains all religion, it makes me wonder whether they thought he was going to slag Islam. ...So much for 'free speech'.

Now NBC is deciding whether to cut Madonna's "mock crucifixion" when they air her concert. (source) I could care less if Madonna wants to crucify herself (didn't she already do that with her last three albums?) -- but one of Laura Ingraham's readers made one of the best suggestions I have heard about this latest "outrage" from the Material Girl turned Kabbalah 'scholar'...

"If Madonna wanted to strike a blow for women and be risky, she could dress up as a female Prophet with four or five husbands." -CathyM. (source)

Yes! Mocking the Catholics and Christians is so 1989 girl...and we're not all that much fun as we just aren’t that schooled in rioting --just think of the headlines when there are actual angry riots and Madonna likenesses are being burned in effigy by throngs of irate that would be shocking!

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