Friday, September 15, 2006

Calling the ACLU...

Now here's a case I want to see them take (even if it's just a sham to improve the public's perception)...

On September 11th, Ben Lewandowski decided to commemorate the 5 year anniversary by wearing a homemade "Remembering 9/11 -United We Stand" t-shirt to his Michigan school.

He was told to go home and suspended for 3 days.

"He was one of at least seven students sent home for wearing shirts featuring patriotic images and messages. It comes less than a week after three siblings were suspended for wearing shirts emblazoned with the First Amendment, despite warnings, and a week after more than 200 students were sent home on the first day of school for violating the district's dress code -- which bans apparel with writing or pictures.

For Lewandowski, who was sent home on the first day of school for wearing a shirt with writing on it, Monday's incident was his second offense.

"I was frustrated," said the junior, whose desire to become a firefighter was fueled after the Sept. 11 attacks. "It just made me so mad that I can't be patriotic."

Lincoln Park Schools Superintendent Randall Kite said the high school held a moment of silence Monday to give students an outlet to show their patriotism. He said some students had asked last week whether they could wear shirts to commemorate the day, and they were told no.

"We didn't think it would be appropriate, because of the dress code, to wear T-shirts with writing," he said Tuesday." (source)

"About 120 parents have reportedly yanked their children from the district, which has 5,200 students and could be facing a loss of $850,000 in per-pupil state aid. Parents and educators can teach a more lasting lesson by working together to fashion an appropriate dress code." (source)

I realize it was "against the rules" to wear the t-shirt, but I am really getting fed up with schools turning into somber institutions of joyless learning. Learning should be fun. Kids should want to go to school.

No wonder so many kids hate school now. No cupcakes for birthday parties, no snacks that aren't fruit or yogurt, no tag or dodgeball, and no saying "butting" in line -it's now "budging".

It must suck to be a kid in the current PC world...

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