Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bloggers Must Resuscitate America

The MSM has failed at something other than being objective when reporting the news --they've completely lost the interest of the American people.

How many friends and relatives do you have that "don't care about politics" and think it's "way too boring" a subject to talk or read about...? But here's the thing --politics aren't boring at all and neither are the very poignant issues that drive the political machine. So where's the disconnect? It must be the presentation. I think that journalists in general are so wrapped up in proper journalistic style, grammar and fitting in as many collegiate words as they can in one article that they have lost their purpose --it is not to impress their's to inform the people. You can write the most brilliant piece ever and if no one reads it, what did it accomplish?

This is where I see Bloggers dominating in the future. We have the advantage of no FCC intervention and we can be the cliff notes of the MSM --taking the meat that's buried in the boring story and presenting it in a way that makes it both relevant and interesting to the reader...

Let's take a look at the report card of the Main Stream Media (otherwise known as Zogby International Poll on Americans' knowledge of pop culture vs. current events)

The results are grim (and most of the people polled have had some college):

  • 60% of Americans know that "Bart" is Homer Simpson's son, BUT
    only 34% could name either the Iliad or the Odyssey as one of Homer's works.

  • 59% of Americans knew what planet Superman was from, BUT
    only 36% knew that Mercury is the closest planet to the sun

  • 73% knew the names of the Three Stooges, BUT
    only 42% could name the three branches of government

  • 77% could name two of Snow White's dwarves, BUT
    only 24% could name two of the Supreme Court Justices

  • Should some of the blame be placed on teachers? Parents? Maybe. Past generations were so much more engaged in the world around them --I'm not sure what the answer is, but I have to think that each citizen having a voice (i.e. Blogging) is a step in the right direction... Maybe Current event blogs should be a high school requirement -provide the students with a cutting edge outlet to stay informed...?

    (H/T: Dan at Blinq -my favorite member of the MSM)

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