Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Abigail Goes Home...

Abigale Lynn Woods, the newborn who was abducted from her home last Friday, is now back with her mother and in good health.

When I had Ninja (almost 6 years ago now) the hospital stressed the fact that new parents should not put signs announcing a new baby on your lawn.

Last week when I took AB to Babies 'R' Us I noticed they still rent those huge wooden stork signs and said I something to the lady (that was before this happened).

I am not blaming the parents...

The woman who slashed the throat of baby Abigail's mother, Shannon Beck, had supposedly just miscarried close to her own due date. (source)
She would have never known there was a newborn in the house without the sign. The sign may not have been there had there been education from the hospital and warnings from her OBGYN.

Babies 'R' Us makes enough money from parents that I think they can do away with these signs. We no longer live in a world where we should be announcing our children to neighbors we don't know and any stranger that happens down our street.

Luckily this was a deranged woman that wanted the baby for herself and not someone that was looking to sell a baby on the Black Market...

I'm so glad she's home. I hope others learn from this story.

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