Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'76 Underground Taking Your Calls!

Is it Tuesday already?!

It is! And you know what that means... You will have something to listen to while you're surfing the net tonight! That's right, make sure to head over to WIDE AWAKES RADIO and click on the LISTEN LIVE button to listen to 91Ghost and I doing the second installment of '76 Underground.

We have purposefully left this evening (that would be 9pm to 11pm Eastern Standard Time) guest-free. We heard that many of you tried to call last week and couldn't get through, so this will be a full two hours of YOUR phone calls. Don't leave us hanging here people! LOL

Topics for this evening:
9/11: 5 Years Later
Spike Lee's Documentary "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts"
Women and Islam

We'd love to hear from everyone... I have to warn you -I'm on a bit of a rampage after watching all that coverage yesterday. I'm keeping the posts light and saving my indignation for the air. But hey, call up anyway...

You can call in at:


(Until we get the new software we can only take one call at once -so if the line is busy, please try again after the caller on the air hangs up... we hope to have more lines up and running shortly!)

I also need a favor from a music/sound techie out there... We need an opening theme compilation-- I know what I want (or have an idea) but I need someone to help me bring it to fruition (You'll get full credit of course...or paid if that's what you need) Please email me if you think you can help.

P.S. Ghost, I know you hate that picture...but you haven't sent me another one yet! ;)

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