Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mission Accomplished...

...Not only did I get my picture with Pennsylvania Gubernatorial hopeful Lynn Swann, I walked around with him for about an hour or so as he shook hands and worked the crowd.

When I handed one (older) woman a flyer she sneered, "I'm voting for Casey". To which I politely replied, "Well that's okay, you can still vote for Mr. Swann because he's not running against Casey." When she walked away I said, "And there's your informed voting base..."

Lynn Swann seemed like a real decent, personable guy. I was a little surprised at how strong his opinions are about taxes and building PA's economy --he is definitely not just a famous face...he knows what he's talking about. He already had my vote because I *loathe* his opponent, but now he has my confident vote.

I wanted to ask him about the whole "Boy named Sue" phenomenon, but I chickened out... ;)

On a Mission...

I know that I should be posting more than what 'Screech' is up to...but right now I am on a mission.

Momentarily I will be on the way to try to get my picture with former Superbowl champion and Pennsylvania Gubernatorial hopeful --Lynn Swann.

Wish me luck... ;)

Porn for Nerds...?

I hate to date myself, but Saved by the Bell was a bit after my time...I vaguely recall AB watching it though (haha). I remember being surprised when Mark-Paul Gosselaar (I think he was Zack?) showed up on NYPD Blue and could actually act. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen's implants helped her get plenty of work after her stint as Kelli was over. But poor Screech went the way of MC Hammer and ended up basically destitute...

...But, after his public pleas for monetary help failed he found another way to pay his mortgage.

A porno called "Saved by the Smell". Yes, you read that right. Screech is a porn star Hopefully Erkel won't follow suit).

"...Former teen TV star Dustin Diamond is reportedly the star of a candid new sex tape in which he romps with two women.
The 29-year-old, who played geek Screech Powers on Saved by the Bell, engages in a number of sexual acts with the women in the 40-minute tape.

Diamond's manager Roger Paul hopes the tape will raise his client's profile and help resurrect the acting career that collapsed when Saved by the Bell ended in 1997." (source)

That's just really disturbing --though i have to say that the title is making me wonder what the "plot" could possibly be...

(H/T: Liz)

Friday, September 29, 2006

"Old Media" Trying to Remain Relevant...

Bob Woodward has a new (strategically timed) book out: State of Denial which some pundits believe will cause waves for the Bush Administration (and only a few weeks out from the November elections).

I think the pundits forgot something... reading an actual book seems to be a lost art in America.

But, even if Americans do decide to pick up something with a spine, the two "revelations" that are being talked about don't seem all that earth shattering to me.

Apparently Woodward claims that Henry Kissinger is one of the people advising Bush about the GWoT... Now I know that Kissinger is no friend of the doves, but he is a Nobel laureate and I don't think his vast knowledge and intelligence has been disputed by anyone. Woodward ties him to Nixon, but Kissinger was not implicated in Watergate. He also ties him to Vietnam, but once again --Vietnam was Kennedy and Johnson's war.

Another Woodward "bombshell" is a statement from Bush... ["I won't pull out of Iraq even Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me"]. This was a reassuring statement to me. In my opinion this means he is not in this for the Clintonesque opinion polls, the political gain of the legacy of "being liked" --he's in Iraq because he believes it's the best thing for the country and essential to the war against radical Islam.

"...According to Woodward, insurgent attacks against coalition troops occur, on average, every 15 minutes, a shocking fact the administration has kept secret. "It’s getting to the point now where there are eight-, nine-hundred attacks a week. That's more than 100 a day. That is four an hour attacking our forces," says Woodward.

The situation is getting much worse, says Woodward, despite what the White House and the Pentagon are saying in public. "The truth is that the assessment by intelligence experts is that next year, 2007, is going to get worse and, in public, you have the president and you have the Pentagon [saying], 'Oh, no, things are going to get better,'" he tells Wallace. "Now there’s public, and then there’s private. But what did they do with the private? They stamp it secret. No one is supposed to know," says Woodward.

"The insurgents know what they are doing. They know the level of violence and how effective they are. Who doesn't know? The American public," Woodward tells Wallace." (source)

I haven't read about attacks this widespread on any of the many, many Milblogs out there. I'll be interested when the "boots on the ground" weigh in on this "intelligence" I doubt Woodward has set foot anywhere near Iraq...

There, I just saved you all $22.95. ;)

The Mark of a Beast

Even among the dregs of society there are things that "just aren't acceptable" and raping and/or killing children is (thankfully) one of those things.

Anthony Ray Stockelman found this out the painful and humiliating way. In an act of inmate-style "justice" this man, convicted of molesting and killing ten year old Katlyn "Katie" Collman, was held down and tattooed right across his forehead. Literally, he is a marked beast.

"...Collman's father, John Neace, said he heard about the tattoo from friends and believes it was the work of inmates.

"If I had to guess I'd say it's a statement from the inmates," he said Wednesday.

Stockelman's tattoo, which covers nearly his entire forehead, has "KATIE'S" in large letters and "REVENGE" below in smaller letters." (source)

This so made my day...

(H/T: Liz)

Big GOP Victory

Is that a faint cry I hear from the Kos kids?

The U.S. War-Crimes Tribunals/Terrorist Bill that passed through the House has now been approved by the Senate also (65-34). I am also happy to pass on that the Republican minority summarily shot down Arlen Specter's attempt to grant more rights to the terrorists than are afforded our Marines at Camp Pendleton.

" The Senate vote came after the Republican majority defeated a series of amendments, including one that would have preserved the right of more than 200 detainees to go to federal court to challenge their captivity. The amendment was offered by Pennsylvania Republican Arlen Specter, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Democrats who supported the amendment said it was needed to avoid trampling on well-established civil liberties and protections. Abridging the right to a court hearing would only invite other nations to deny the same protections to U.S. troops held prisoner in future wars, they argued.

``We are about to put the darkest blot possible on this nation's conscience,'' said Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy. He said the legislation would ``apply to any alien picked up anywhere in the world and suspected of possibly supporting enemies of the United States.'' (source)

I am quite sure this bill will be expeditiously signed into law by President Bush.

Senate Republicans have also decided to scrap Bush's amnesty "guest worker" program and vote on whether to fund 700 miles of fence on the southwestern border of America and Mexico...much to Mexico's chagrin.

Bush said yesterday that the party of FDR and Harry Truman has become the "party of cut and run". Has become...?

Win A Date to the USMC Ball

Marine Corps Sergeant Benjamin Lee (23 year old OIF veteran) is auctioning himself off on eBay. Bidders will be competing for a date to the Marine Corps Birthday Commemoration Ball.

The winner will need to purchase the ticket to SoCal for the day before the ball and bring a gown, the Sergeant will:

-Pick you up for the airport
-Take you to dinner that night
-Take you to a salon the next morning
-2006 West Coast Marine Musicians Birthday Ball at the Riverside Convention Center on Saturday evening
-breakfast/lunch on Sunday morning
(No mention is made of lodging arrangements)

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Pat Tillman Foundation.

You can find the auction HERE.

There were (5) bids at the time of this posting. What could be better than dating a Marine...and for a military charity no less ;)

(H/T: Irish Diablo)

Brian's Song

When I did the post about movies that make people cry, most of the boys cited Brian's Song (which I had never seen). HBO's Entourage did an entire episode based around the film.

So last night when I noticed that it was playing on Encore I decided to watch it on all of your 'recommendations'.

As I was watching it I couldn't help thinking many of you that liked this movie were the same ones that made fun of Brokeback Mountain... I am thinking Brian's song was probably a Liza Minnelli tune... (Not that there's anything wrong with that) ;)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dems Tough on Terror? Puh-lease.

I don't know how much the "average American" pays attention to what happens in Congress, but if anyone out there is listening the DNC is going to have a real hard time convincing the general public they intend to be "tough on terror".

This isn't about partisanship --this is about actions speaking volumes...

In the new terrorist bill that was passed in the House yesterday (with 168 "Nays" from the left) gives detainees more rights than uniformed POWs had during the second World War. They are afforded two chances of appeal...yet that wasn't good enough for the Congressional Democrats:

"...House Speaker Dennis Hastert, an Illinois Republican, accused Democrats of supporting "more rights for terrorists. So the same terrorists who plan to harm innocent Americans … would be coddled if we follow the Democratic plan."

"By formally establishing terrorist tribunals, the bill provides a critical tool in fighting the war on terror and it provides a measure of justice to the victims of 9/11," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a Tennessee Republican.

The bill also expands the definition of "enemy combatants," who can be held indefinitely without charges, to include those who knowingly support terrorist groups with arms, money and other activities.

Backers of the bill said that provision would choke off supplies to terrorist groups, but critics said it was too broad and could subject many more people to indefinite detention." (source)

I heard one Representative say that Democrats won't be happy until we are ["mirandizing combatants in the firefight"].

The only problem could be if when the ACLU takes this to the Supreme Court. If it is ruled unconstitutional, terrorists like Khalid Shaikh Mohammad (9/11 planner and Daniel Pearl murderer) could be set free. Thanks in advance for that ACLU.

I would think those 168 Democrats that voted against this bill are going to have a hard time explaining to their constituents how they can be so concerned with granting terrorists all the rights of American citizens while claiming to be tough on terror...

(*Read a GREAT LETTER from a Pastor in NYC)

This War Is Global...

Richard Miniter (who is considered by many "the" terror expert --even more so than Clinton's Richard Clark) was being interviewed yesterday and said two things that really caught my interest...

1) Bin Laden refers to us as "Franks" if he makes no distinction between individual countries in the West. We're all French.

2) Bin laden thought the World Trade Center was actually the world trade center. It seems he was under the belief that taking that building down would cripple global trading and the global economy (obvious addendum: this was before we had troops in Afghanistan or Iraq).

Now of course this information is way more relevant to Western countries other than the U.S. -as we already know we're in a war (most of us anyway). I still feel as if many countries (both the people and their governments) look at this as an "American War" (looking at terror acts in their own countries purely as retribution for cooperating with the U.S.). If this information about Bin Laden is accurate it shows that his war in not exclusive to Americans and makes it clear that Bin Laden and his ilk would celebrate the destruction of any Western, Democratic , secular State.

I wonder if the rest of the civilized world will realize this isn't about America. This isn't about BushCheneyHaliburtonRoveRummy. This isn't because "we're free". This isn't because of Iraq. This isn't because of ClintonClarkLewinskyGorelick.

This is because it was commanded by a "prophet" they believe spoke for their God. If someone truly believes...there is no way we can change that.

(*Pictured T-Shirt available at Those Shirts... And here's another great t-shirt)

...On the 4,567th Leak from the NYT

After the battered Gray Lady released her cherry-picked information from the National Intelligence Estimate report I kept thinking about how the information could have possibly been attained.

How would anyone know how many people would become terrorists due to the Iraq invasion...? Did Gallup drop leaflets:

Because of the American led coalition in Iraq would you be:

__Less likely to blow yourself up
__Somewhat likely to blow yourself up
__More likely to blow yourself up
__Not at all likely to blow yourself up

Of course then we learned that there was more to the story. That the report goes on to say four different times that American withdraw would definitely create more terror as it would be heralded as a "win" for al Qaeda and that as fighters come in to Iraq and "fail" less would-be terrorists would follow. And by the way, does the NYT know that a "cause celeb" is a faddish non-lasting cause?

There has indeed been an actual poll of Iraqis done recently though...A PIPA poll (whatever that is) which claims they sampled 150 Sunni Iraqis:

"About six in 10 Iraqis say they approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces, and slightly more than that want their government to ask U.S. troops to leave within a year, a poll finds.

The Iraqis also have negative views of Osama bin Laden, according to the early September poll of 1,150.

The poll, done for University of Maryland's Program on International Policy Attitudes, found:

  • Almost four in five Iraqis say the U.S. military force in Iraq provokes more violence than it prevents.

  • About 61 percent approved of the attacks — up from 47 percent in January. A solid majority of Shiite and Sunni Arabs approved of the attacks, according to the poll. The increase came mostly among Shiite Iraqis.

  • An overwhelmingly negative opinion of terror chief bin Laden and more than half, 57 percent, disapproving of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

  • Three-fourths say they think the U.S. plans to keep military bases in Iraq permanently.

  • A majority of Iraqis, 72 percent, say they think Iraq will be one state five years from now. Shiite Iraqis were most likely to feel that way, though a majority of Sunnis and Kurds also believed that would be the case." (source)

  • The sad thing: the MSM seems to have largely ignored the declassified portions of the document and are still reporting as that never happened: Google leaked report. Not that I'm surprised.

    Loving the Hard Hitting Ads

    Yes, hard hitting... I'm not one that complains about nasty ads. Well, even if I *do* complain it doesn't mean I wouldn't run the same kind of ad if I was running a campaign. It's the only way to find out the dirt --and quite frankly I don't think nice ads work (Can we say Barry Goldwater -and that little girl with the flower ad only ran once)

    So bring on the's the pomp and circumstance of the political season.

    And here's the frontrunner of the ads I've seen thus far:

    If people are vapid enough to believe anything in an ad without researching the facts -that's on them. ...Though if I lived in North Carolina I would be voting for Vernon Robinson just because he is running that one... ;)

    Generations Of Valor

    Freakchylde sent an email out last night and this picture is just so beautiful I had to post it... (Thanks FC!!)

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Spain's Most Grievous Mistake

    ...was voting out Aznar after the train bombings in Madrid. They really did "Let the terrorists win".

    The former Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Maria Aznar, and the European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso made some comments in Washington on Friday that gave me a glimmer of hope that some Europeans and leaders in the Mediterranean "get it":

    "Jose Maria Aznar, former Spanish prime minister, defended Pope Benedict XVI’s comments about Islam, saying on Friday the pontiff had no need to apologize and asking why Muslims never did.

    “Why do we always have to say sorry and they never do? "I was disappointed there were not more European leaders who said 'naturally the Pope has the right to express his views'," Barroso was quoted as saying to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

    "The problem is not the statements of the Pope but the reaction of the extremists," the paper quoted him as saying.

    “It is interesting to note that while a lot of people in the world are asking the Pope to apologise for his speech, I have never heard a Muslim say sorry for having conquered Spain and occupying it for eight centuries.”

    “We are living in a time of war ... It’s them or us. The West did not attack Islam, it was they who attacked us.”

    “We must face up to an Islam that is ambitious, that is radical and that influences the Muslim world, a fundamentalist Islam that we must confront because we don’t have any choice.

    “We are constantly under attack and we must defend ourselves,” he said.
    (*emphasis mine)

    “I support Ferdinand and Isabella,” he proclaimed, in reference to the medieval Catholic monarchs who drove the Moors out of Spain in 1492.

    Barroso said the caution on the part of European leaders was probably due to "worries about a possible confrontation" as well as a "certain form of political correctness."

    "We have to defend our values," he said. "We should also encourage the moderate leaders in the Muslim world - and they're the majority - to distance themselves from this extremism," Barroso was quoted as saying." (source)

    ...Never mind the Turkish Muslims that occupy Cyprus without contrition to this day.

    DNC Puts "Rovian Tactics" to Shame...

    ...burying George Allen in farcical accusations.

    Allen has been involved in politics for over 20 years, but now on the precipice of an extremely important election three people are claiming he is a "bigot" because he (allegedly) used the "N-word" thirty years ago.

    Aside from the fact that tons of people are coming out saying that he never spoke that way, let me be perfectly blunt (and very un-PC)... From what I can remember of the early 70's, most people back then used the N-word. It wasn't the taboo word it is now. And I was in racially diverse Philly...not the South. Actually, thinking back to the older kids in my neighborhood, the N-word would have been one of the nicer slurs used.

    I don't know if Senator Allen said the "N-word" in college or not. It's pure speculation. What isn't speculation is how many actual bigoted statements Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Julian Bond have made? Did Barack ever call someone a cracker when he was 15? Who knows and quite frankly, who cares? The DNC has a former Klan member as there top dog in Congress--you're telling me he never said the N-word...or much worse? He we go again with the manufactured outrage...

    I do know that I would hate to be held accountable in my adulthood for many of the things I said in my youth. I believe that what we say in our early years is a regurgitation of what we have absorbed from the world around us --and not until adulthood have we formed our own opinions from our life experiences. (I vaguely remember telling someone in my teens that we should kill all the homeless people and fill the pot holes in Philly with their ashes --solving two problems at once... being a teen is all about shock value, but would that insentient comment made over 13 years ago now bar me from ever being a civil servant? I guess so)

    It does seem odd that the person making this charge against Senator Allen waited until 2 months before this election to speak up --also that when he was contacted by Fox News his wife told them "They told us not to speak to Fox" --They? So is this "memory" bought and paid for by

    As long as Robert Byrd retains his Congressional seat, I really can't take any accusation that George Allen may have used the N-word once or twice 30 years ago even a bit seriously...

    (Update: Jim Webb, George Allen's Democratic opponent, won't answer questions as to whether he's ever used the "n-word":
    ``I don't think that there's anyone who grew up around the South that hasn't had the word pass through their lips at one time or another in their life,'' Webb told reporters.)

    I Know The Cowboys Suck...

    ...but suicide? Terrell Owens got a $25 million dollar deal to go play for the Cowgirls...that's something to be depressed over?

    "...The friend, who is not identified in the report, "noticed that (his) prescription pain medication was empty and observed (Owens) putting two pills in his mouth," the police report said.

    The friend attempted to pry them out with her fingers, then was told by Owens that before this incident he'd taken only five of the 40 pain pills in the bottle he'd emptied. Owens was asked by rescue workers "if he was attempting to harm himself, at which time (he) stated, `Yes.'"

    Owens was hospitalized late Tuesday because of what his publicist said was an allergic reaction to pain medicine he was taking for a broken hand. Doctors reportedly tried to induce vomiting." (source)

    Well, we already had a funeral for him here in Philly... ("...Prior to the Eagles game against the Cowboys, in another one of his many own controversial actions, WIP's Howard Eskin led a mock-funeral outside Lincoln Financial Field to lay the Terrell Owens legacy in Philadelphia "to rest". Fans put various Terrell Owens memorabilia into a casket and loaded it into a hearse." source)

    I don't mean to seem overly callous, but I *hate* hearing about these overindulgent rich jerks that have it all (for being able to throw a ball) trying to kill themselves. Why doesn't T.O. put his career on hold and go down to the 9th Ward in New Orleans and meet some people that actually have it bad --or maybe volunteer at Walter Reed to see how blessed his life has actually been...

    (Update: T.O. Just had a press conference to deny he made an attempt at suicide (said the rest of the 40 pills were in his drawer?) even though police are saying say he did.)

    Caption It...

    (H/T: 92alpha)

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Listen Live! '76 Underground is on the On Air

    ...And we're on the air in 15 minutes. Can you believe it's been four weeks already?!

    Anyway, as you know, tonight's esteemed guest is Pat Dollard. (See this morning's post for Pat's bio)

    If you have any questions for Pat, please leave them here in the comments.

    Click Here to Listen Live 9pm - 11pm (EST)

    Feel free to call the show... 1-888-407-1776

    Other Topics we hope to get to:

    Iraq intelligence leak & NYT
    Death Penalty in California
    Marilyn Monroe: National Security risk?

    Update: Pat ran into some technical trouble and couldn't make it on tonight's show --we will have him on in the next two weeks!

    Preach it Hamid...

    In response to a reporter's question about the leaked report that 'the war in Iraq is increasing terrorism and making us less safe' (which Bush just de-classified):

    Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai (paraphrased, but I'd love to have this transcript):

    ["...Terrorism hurt us way before Iraq. Extremists were closing schools, burning Mosques, killing children, destroying vineyards and forcing populations into poverty and misery.

    The extremists were attacking you before September 11h in other parts of the world.

    Do you forget the people jumping from the eightieth floor? What do you think it was like to jump from that high?

    Who did that to you and where are they now? Should we wait to let them come kill us again...?"]

    ...I have to say, I also love that he gives his answers in English without an interpreter (not that hearing Hugo Chavez's "rough" language translated by a woman wasn't amusing...)

    Haditha Documentary

    A British documentary maker, Nick Broomfield, is going to start filming his version of the Haditha incident in Jordan this November.

    For me, this statement from the man who made Kurt and Courtney and Biggie & Tupac pretty much said all that needed to be known about the film:

    "It's a narrative film," said Broomfield. "You don't want to end up stymied by everything having to be completely authenticated." (source)

    "On November 19 2005, a roadside bomb in the Sunni town of Haditha killed Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas. The US military initially claimed that 15 civilians had died in the blast, but then said that the civilians were accidentally shot by marines during a gun battle with insurgents. However, eyewitness accounts and a video shot by a local journalist have suggested that the civilian deaths were revenge killings."(source)

    This is not to be confused with the alleged shooting of an Iraqi man in Hamdania where three of the Marines are about to be tried for murder (without the possibility of the death sentence).

    When Colby Buzzell was on '76 Underground he told Ghost and I that Iraqi civilians were being paid good money to plant IEDs... How do our troops discourage that? And nevermind the fact that tons of weapons caches have been found in Haditha Mosques...

    And does it seem a bit bizarre that the lead Marine, Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich (pictured) is being recommended for a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with combat distinguished service. What is the truth here?

    They still have the benefit of my doubt.

    Damn You Arlen

    How many more times can this man make me pay for voting for him...? He is a constant thorn in my flesh and a constant reminder that it is wrong to vote strategically instead of voting your conscience... Pat Toomey, I am sooooo sorry.

    What is Senator Specter up top now you ask (besides making me miserable)?

    "A LEADING Republican senator said today he will fight to give detainees the right to challenge their imprisonment, creating a new potential obstacle for legislation US President George W. Bush wants in order to put terrorism suspects on trial." (source)

    Isn't "terrorists' rights" an oxymoron...a paradox if you will?

    "Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Arlen Specter said he would join Democrats working to amend a bill setting up trial procedures for foreign terrorism suspects that Republican leaders are trying to push through Congress this week."

    Specter isn't "joining Democrats" --that's the problem, Specter IS a Democrat.

    Pat Dollard on '76 Underground...Tonight!

    ’76 Underground Scores a Famous (Infamous?) Guest!!!

    On this week's installation of Wide Awakes Radio’s breakout hit '76 Underground, the *featured* guest will be PAT DOLLARD.

    If you don't know who Pat is (are you living in bin Laden's cave?), he's the cinematographer, director, producer and financier of YOUNG AMERICANS. Pat, on his own dime, packed up all his equipment and headed off to the Sunni Triangle in Iraq (aka The Triangle of Death) to "hang" with some Marines that were in the thick of it. He documented his 7 months there in the film Young Americans (you may remember seeing a clip of an Iraqi saying "Michael Moore is a bitch").

    Pat was a big time Hollywood agent (ran Steven Soderbergh/George Clooney’s company) so needless to say, there is a lot of controversy on the left coast about Dollard’s latest undertaking…I guess it’s safe to assume he won’t be working for Clooney anymore.

    Pat is a self-proclaimed lone Republican in Hollywood and because of this project has been subject to countless slanderous articles and postings...

    The Marines are thankful for what Pat has done and so are Ghost and I. We hope you’ll tune in to hear the questions others haven’t asked... This will be Pat unfettered by FCC regulation and a real look at the Marines he served with and the left-leaning establishment he is fighting against to get this movie into the hands of the American people.

    Make sure to LISTEN LIVE Tuesday night 9pm – 11pm EST (That would be 6-8pm on the left coast) and feel free to call in after Pat to let us know what you thought of him and Young Americans.


    Pat’s Website
    Movie Clips (Clip 1 - 5 in sidebar *trailer #1 rules, but heed warning under these links!)
    Donate to get the movie out there ($50 gets you a free "JihadiKiller" t-shirt)

    (*Don't watch these clips at work unless you're wearing headphones --these are marines we're dealing with! LOL)

    ***Please leave any questions for Pat in the comments and I *swear* I'll keep checking during the show.***

    Martial Artists Make Better Lovers...

    The girls were all passing this around at the dojo last night and I enjoyed it so much I had to share...!

    "Dojo Mojo: Get Frisky Like Bruce Lee" (Women's Health Magazine, October 2006)

    "The million-plus women who unleash their inner Uma in martial arts studios across the country are learning more than just self-defense. "Martial arts are based on principles of movement and leverage," says Jennifer Lawler, Ph.D., a black belt in tae kwon do and author of Dojo Wisdom. "And you can use those principles in the bedroom." Even if you've never worn a gi (those funky white pajamas), you can still apply these kick-ass techniques between the sheets — no actual kicking necessary.

    Dojo Lesson #1: Shout It Out
    Staying quiet during karate or sex is counterproductive. "Holding back sound holds back energy, including sexual energy," says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a sexologist and black belt in shotokan karate. For a shout that will focus your passion, try a kiai: Breathe deeply down into your abdomen, then contract your abs as you release the air with a loud, staccato "Ai!" Belt one out to help achieve orgasm or let out a series of softer ones to intensify that blissful feeling.

    Dojo Lesson #2: Let Your Hips Rip
    In martial arts, the hips are the center of stability and power. "Instead of throwing a punch from just the shoulder, you turn your hip into it," Dr. Lawler says. The benefit? A stronger punch fortified by core-muscle power. Using your hips can be just as satisfying in the sack: When on top, rotate your hips like you're spinning a hula-hoop, or make half circles like a windshield wiper. "It stimulates the side walls of the vagina and gets the blood flowing to the genitals faster," Dr. Cadell says.

    Dojo Lesson #3: Forget the Goal
    In karate, as in life, expectations can get you into trouble. You spend so much time thinking about what you wish would happen that you don't savor what is happening. When practicing "no mind," the martial artist is open to anything and attached to nothing, Dr. Lawler says. Translation: Stop worrying about reaching orgasm and enjoy the ride.

    Dojo Lesson #4: Quiet Your Mind
    Great warriors tune out everything but the enemy. "In a fight, distractions are deadly," Dr. Lawler says. In the bedroom, your internal debate over shrimp kebabs versus enchiladas for dinner is just as fatal to your pleasure. Jettison those distractions by silently describing exactly what your partner is doing. By the time you get to "He's spelling the alphabet with his tongue," you probably won't need to keep track."

    Caption It...

    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Clinton's Meltdown

    ...Nah, I don't really think Clinton's overreaction on Chris Wallace's show yesterday was a "meltdown" but it did come across as a bit strange (maybe he's trying to abstain from Big Macs again...)

    Here's the thing (and the three of you that listen to the radio show already heard me say this):

    I don't blame/fault Clinton for not taking that chance to "get" bin Laden. You all see what pre-emptive action gets a President. I have no doubt that the same conservatives that are complaining now that he didn't do it would have been belly-aching then if he had. They would have said it was just a distraction to Monica Lewinsky and what had bin Laden really done to us to warrant a strike, etc.

    I have to say that Clinton did lose me with the blame-shifting section of the interview. He didn't need to go into what anyone else had or hadn't done --he should have just said -'I didn't think it was warranted at the time and I was wrong.' He did indeed say something like , "I was closer than anyone else and I failed" --but that was kinda the point his critics were making... Back then anything he would have done would have been construed as a 'Wag the Dog' ploy because of Monica (which I guess once again reiterates why there should have been no Monica).

    Chris Wallace (who is not a right-leaning commentator) asked him a simple, relevant question and he just goes off. Even stating "You accused me of giving aid and comfort to Bin Laden" which Wallace SO did not (nor did he even imply). It was a bit embarrassing to watch.

    So does it bother me in all the 'blame bush' rhetoric the left likes to forget that Clinton passed on his chance to kill bin Laden? Of course. Do I blame Clinton for 9/11? Of course not. (Do I think he may benefit from some Ativan? Uh, yeah.)

    (You can watch the interview at FNC)

    Wal-Mart Robs DNC of Campaign Issue?

    ...So what I'm wondering is this:

    Now that Wal-Mart has fully addressed on the Democrats favorite talking-points issues --how are they going to continue to vilify them?

    Kerry, Dean, Clinton et al have been claiming to care about poor people getting their hands on their prescriptions for years. Was it a political party that offered a real solution to this problem? No. It was NON-UNIONIZED Wal-Mart that will now be offering generic drugs for $4.00

    "...Wal-Mart plans to begin selling nearly 300 generic prescription drugs for a sharply reduced price, offering a big lure for bargain-seeking customers and presenting a challenge to competing pharmacy chains.

    The world's biggest retailer said Thursday that it will test its sales program, in which 291 generic drugs will be sold at $4 for a month's supply, in Florida. The drugs involved provide treatments for conditions ranging from allergies to high-blood pressure..." (source)

    Did Wal-Mart just steal one of the DNC's biggest campaign issues on top of having the audacity to snub its nose at the AFL-CIO? ...And with gas prices falling? I guess it's back to Iraq and Katrina.

    (H/T: Liz)

    Bin Laden: D or A?

    Many of the conspiracy folks think bin Laden has been dead since 2001...

    And now a French news agency is reporting that a Saudi agency said that bin laden has died of typhoid fever.

    Anyway, I am so over the whole bin Laden thing. The man lives in a cave. I don't care if he's dead or not if it wasn't by the hands of one of our soldiers or marines. What I did find interesting about the story is how one contracts typhoid fever:

    "it is transmitted by ingestion of food or water contaminated with feces from an infected person." (source)

    So...on top of being a murdering terrorist bastard, Osama's a poop eater.


    Homework : What's the Consensus?

    Mason's (former) speech teacher called the other day to see how he was making out in full-day Kindergarten. During the course of the conversation she told me about a new comprehensive study she had read on homework. The study said that leaving children the time for extracurricular activities and relaxing was more beneficial to learning during the school day.

    Justice's second grade teacher has a policy that The Man and I like --there is no pre-planned homework and work only comes home if it wasn't finished during the day (though there is 15 minutes of reading each night, but I think kids should be doing that anyway...)

    I couldn't find the study his SLP was referencing, but I did find this article:

    "..."Most educators agree that for children in grades K-2, homework is more effective when it does not exceed 10 to 20 minutes each day; older children, in grades three to six, can handle 30 to 60 minutes a day; in junior and senior high, the amount of homework will vary by subject." Many school district policies state that high school students should expect about 30 minutes of homework for each academic course they take, a bit more for honors or advanced placement courses.

    These recommendations are consistent with the conclusions reached by our analysis.

    Practice assignments do improve scores on class tests at all grade levels.

    A little amount of homework may help elementary school students build study habits. Homework for junior high students appears to reach the point of diminishing returns after about 90 minutes a night..." (source)

    I don't really have an opinion as to the effectiveness of homework -so I guess I'll have to defer to the (dreaded) NEA on that one --I do know that excessive homework causes excessive headaches for parents... it's hard for five year olds to be in school for 7 hours and adding homework seems like overkill.

    Caption It...

    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    A Church I Could Attend?

    As many of you know, I haven't set foot in a church in almost 10 years. Many, many reasons, but loss of faith in GOD isn't one of them --rather loss of faith in MAN.

    But then AFSister posts this article about a pastor (Southern at that) that preaches 'Christians should be having “hotter” sex'. Amen my brother!

    I have long said that the overriding prudish, puritanical attitude is what causes my caustic attitude toward the so-called 'religious right'.

    How are marriages expected to last after 20 years in the missionary position? How do women expect to keep their men (who are visual creatures by nature) by dressing "modestly" (read: frumpy) and keeping themselves au natural (read: gray haired & hairy)? How can a woman instruct her man to do what she likes, if she doesn't know herself what she likes...? That "only have sex to procreate" crowd freaks me out... God made your body -don't be ashamed of it. God made sex feel good -enjoy it!

    "Minister Joe Beam says good Christian marriages walk on the wild side...This literalist view cuts both ways. Beam has been attacked by some conservative Christians for his liberal take on certain subjects. Much of what he preaches contradicts the teaching of other sects, such as Roman Catholicism. But he argues that if the Bible does not forbid it, you can do it. So bring on masturbation. Try any position in the Kama Sutra (but refer to drawings, please, not pictures of real people). Wife away on business? Have phone sex. Birth control is good. Even anal sex is OK if (and Beam believes this is a big if) it does no harm to the body.

    If you are a married Christian, not only can you do all this, but you should be doing it." (source)

    Wow. I feel like he's been listening in on my phone calls. I've been telling Justrose for two years I wanted to do a series here on the blog telling conservatives to loosen up about anything sex-related -but didn't know if some on the Faaaaar right could handle it...

    If you are a Conservative and believe in 'traditional values' and the strength of the family --you should also believe in mutually fulfilling sex life as the two are not exclusive. Whatever it takes to build that trust in the bedroom and keep your mate from having to look for those things elsewhere…

    This Minister gets it. IMHO anyway.

    (H/T: AFSister)

    Saturday, September 23, 2006

    Saturday Stories of Interest...

    Muslim Women's Panel

    This article details a panel of Muslim women trying to convince attendees that women are respected and have rights within Islam. Of course the age old adage "Actions speak louder than words" keep popping into my head as I read it... If Islam was so open to women there wouldn't need to be a panel to convince people.

    Stay in School

    This article reports that high school drops fair far worse in the US than any other country. "Adults who don't finish high school in the U.S. earn 65 percent of what people who have high school degrees make, according to a new report comparing industrialized nations. No other country had such a severe income gap."

    American Public Education

    Stop the ACLU has the story of students who were asked to rise for the Mexican pledge while holding small Mexican, not in Mexico...In America. Texas to be exact. And a seventh grade teacher burned flags in his classroom in Kentucky. But, there will be no criminal charges.

    Border Control

    There is a great article by Rich Lowry in National Review Online about the border issues facing out country: We’re All Neanderthals Now: The fence consensus.
    "But a fence itself isn’t sufficient. The key is stepped-up interior enforcement to cut off the jobs magnet that draws so many illegals here. The so-called Basic Pilot program — a small, voluntary system allowing employers to verify the legal status of their employees by computer — must be expanded and made mandatory. The Social Security Administration also has to tighten up its system of notifying employers when they hire people using fake Social Security numbers. It currently is full of holes that exist as a matter of policy to allow businesses, with a nod and a wink, to keep hiring illegals. These measures would really bite, and therefore are sure to encounter the bitter opposition of pro-illegal groups."

    Dedicated to AB

    Who is 70% effaced and due anytime in the next three weeks...

    Too cool...

    MeMe for the Deployed

    Okay, enough with the memes for a while ;) I have to do this one because it's from Army Girl and I would never deny a warrior woman who is currently coughing up sandballs in Afghanistan. Miss you AG!!!


    1) Hostess at Friendlys (*pictured -I think I was 15 or 16)
    2) Hostess at TGI Fridays
    3) Secretary for an independent welding shop
    4) Veterinary technician


    1) Pride & Prejudice
    2) You've Got Mail
    3) The Breakfast Club
    4) Sixteen Candles


    1) Philly
    2) Oreland
    3) Warrington
    4) England, UK


    1) Law & Order (original, SVU, CI)
    2) Anything on Discovery Health channel
    3) Anything on HBO documentaries
    4) House


    1) Paradise Island, Bahamas
    2) Outer Banks, NC
    3) Orlando, FL
    4) Edinburgh, Scotland


    1) Free Republic
    2) Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
    3) 100 Records
    4) The Savage Nation


    1) Tiramisu
    2) Crème Brule
    3) Sweet potato Pie
    4) Pumpkin bread


    1) in Bed
    2) on my pillow
    3) under my covers
    4) asleep


    I think I've worn out my welcome with these things lately, but I'll try the girls again: AFSis, Desult, Lilo, and Monica.

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    Chavez Reaction - From the DNC to the MSM

    I was shocked to hear both Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel defend the President against Hugo Chavez. Why is it that the Dems were way more outspoken about this than the GOP? Is it just a part of the pre-election "we're tough on international issues" stance?

    Charlie Rangel's reaction

    "Nancy Pelosi called Chavez an "everyday thug."
    "Huge Chavez abused the privilege that he had, speaking at the United Nations," Pelosi said in a Reuters report. "He demeaned himself and he demeaned Venezuela." (source)

    Al Sharpton (on O'Reilly) said Chavez was wrong, but then proceeded to list 4,000 qualifiers such as:
    Bush has said some "wicked things"
    It was demonic to stay silent for 4 days after Katrina
    He has called other countries the "axis of evil"

    Of course Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Behar blamed the President for the remarks (that would be our President...not Venezuela’s.

    Behar: "Well, don't you think Bush threw in the gauntlet when he called people the axis of evil?...What else did they–they called–there was another name, I can’t think of it, that they–"

    O’Donnell: "Well, he, he would, he–President Bush is very fond of calling people who have different opinions than he evildoers." (source)

    Former President Bill Clinton said Chavez "shouldn't have said that" and that statements such as those only "make him look small". He must have been in a magnanimous mood (on "On the Record" last night) as he also went on to say that he has enormous respect for all the Bush's and really likes them all.

    Anyway, my question regarding VISAS to the UN remains unanswered. Can we grant a VISA to megalomaniac despots that only allows them on UN ground and NO WHERE else in the country? And if not, shouldn't that be instituted as the world's leaders become increasingly insane?

    (H/T: ~Jen~ for the YouTube link!)

    When Sympathy Expires...

    I was feeling terrible for Anna Nicole Smith. Regardless of what you think of her personal life...her son is dead and I can't even begin to imagine that kind of pain.

    But last night I read that she is selling the dead pictures of her son for half a million dollars. OMG. When I told The Man he sarcastically said, "well, she needs to pay for the funeral"... and then I read this morning that she is being "forced to sell photos of her son Daniel taken the night before he died in order to pay for his funeral expenses."

    According to In Touch executive editor Dan Wakeford, "We purchased the photos, beating the competition.

    "The photos were extremely emotive, and our readers are incredibly intrigued by this story."

    Wakeford says the images show "a perfectly healthy young man."

    While it is unclear what portion of the proceeds will go to the former playboy playmate, a source tells Us Weekly magazine that the devastated star sold the pictures in order to pay for her son's funeral.

    The source says, "She needs the money." (source)

    What a crock. This is sick and all empathy for this woman is gone.

    Explosions in Downtown Philly...

    One of my very best friends is in town (from OBX) and we were determined to go shopping on Walnut Street (best street in Philly for those not from here: Mac, Puma, Tiffany, Diesel, Lucky, Kenneth Cole, Cole Hahn, Kiehls, Burberry, Coach and many more...all on one street!).

    There is no shopping like this in the Outer Banks and she misses it and the Philly restaurants as she's been down there for almost eight years now. So we were on a mission.

    We picked up AB at her office on Broad Street and went to Monks for lunch (where we had a delectable apple chicken sausage sandwich with spicy raspberry mustard -Yum!). Before our food came Liz called to say there had been explosions at 15th & Market (at the famous clothespin) and they didn't know what was going on yet. Of course everyone’s first reaction was “bombs”. I realized at that moment that 'the terrorists had NOT won' because even if it were bombs planted on the regional Rail system, I had no intention of cutting my shopping day short...

    I called 92alpha and confirmed the incident and he promised to call if the situation worsened... and off we went.

    So the lesson for the day was that terrorism hasn't triumphed over Capitalism! Take that Osama...

    Happy Birthday to You...

    ...Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birth--day Mr. Tesco. Happy Birthday to you.

    He notices when I buy new sheets or new shoes.
    He watches NO televised sports.
    He would rather be home that at the bar.
    He tells me I'm beautiful at least once a day.
    He knows the difference between Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.
    He knows what a Kooba is.
    He stays with the boys every weekend while I go out with my girlfriends.
    He never complains about money I spend.
    He lets me have control of the remote.
    He won't go to bed until I do -even when he's falling asleep in his computer chair.
    He wears good cologne without being asked to.
    He always matches.
    He never has dirty fingernails.
    He can fix anything that breaks and we have never had to hire anyone to do anything.
    He can build anything I want.

    Those are all the reasons I married him and the reasons it will be ten years we've been together this December.

    Happy Birthday to The favorite man of all ;)

    (Photo: Lancashire, U.K. 1996: Right before we were "out" as a couple)

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Where's the Cowboy I Voted For...?!

    Are you kidding me? "No Comment" to Hugo Chavez's remarks from everyone in the Administration?

    The President of another country has the cojones to come onto AMERICAN soil and say the President of the United States is el Diablo and needs a shrink...and "no comment" is the best you can do?!

    I know that we have to grant Visas to those visiting the United Nations, but why is he touring around New York today handing out oil? I'm no scholar of International Law...but why can't the VISA be for the UN and the UN only? Why is this deranged megalomaniac allowed free range to walk about as he pleases...and after those comments. He slapped Bush with the white glove and Bush said 'no comment'.

    Even if this were Kerry/Clinton/Dean in office I would be just as pissed. Where is the pride of country? This is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

    I'm disgusted. Our President was emasculated on the world stage by a man with a parrot wearing a beret and Bush et al just turned around and bent over.

    Can you hear Cindy Sheehan's gleeful giggles...?

    Muslims Told to Vacate New York
    Fair Warning or False Alarm?

    Canada Free Press is reporting that Pakistani reporter Hamid Mir (the only one to interview "Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Taliban leader Mullah Omar in the wake of 9/11") says another attack to rival 9/11 is on the horizon.

    The call is out for all Muslims to leave the United States --namely New York and Washington "without further warning".

    The information was given to the journalist by al Qaeda leader Abu Dawood on near Kabul in Afghanistan:

    "Final preparations have been made for the American Hiroshima, a major attack on the U. S. Muslims living in the United States should leave the country without further warning.

    The attack will be commandeered by Adnan el Shukrijumah ("Jaffer Tayyer" or "Jafer the Pilot"), a naturalized American citizen, who was raised in Brooklyn and educated in southern Florida.

    The al Qaeda operatives who will launch this attack are awaiting final orders. They remain in place in cities throughout the country. Many are masquerading as Christians and have adopted Christian names.

    Al Qaeda and the Taliban will also launch a major strike (known as the "Badar Operation" against the coalition forces in Afghanistan during the holy month of Ramadan.

    The American people probably will be treated to a final audio message from Osama bin Laden which will be aired some time later." (Read the entire interview)

    The reporter, Hamid Mir, is no hack. He's a well respected investigative journalist with many awards to his credit.

    So yeah, I'm thinking this is a pretty good time for us to drop the NSA wiretapping... I guess it will be the ACLU and not the Federal government paying reparations to the families this time around.

    "Free Speech" on CBS & NBC

    Bill Maher claims he was booted from the "Free Speech" series on Katie Couric's "CBS Evening News" because he was going to discuss religion...(source)

    Though anyone that has watched Maher even once knows that he disdains all religion, it makes me wonder whether they thought he was going to slag Islam. ...So much for 'free speech'.

    Now NBC is deciding whether to cut Madonna's "mock crucifixion" when they air her concert. (source) I could care less if Madonna wants to crucify herself (didn't she already do that with her last three albums?) -- but one of Laura Ingraham's readers made one of the best suggestions I have heard about this latest "outrage" from the Material Girl turned Kabbalah 'scholar'...

    "If Madonna wanted to strike a blow for women and be risky, she could dress up as a female Prophet with four or five husbands." -CathyM. (source)

    Yes! Mocking the Catholics and Christians is so 1989 girl...and we're not all that much fun as we just aren’t that schooled in rioting --just think of the headlines when there are actual angry riots and Madonna likenesses are being burned in effigy by throngs of irate that would be shocking!

    Philly Smoking Ban: I Think I'm in Love...

    Number 3 in my "I wish to God I would have written this" series is Jonathan Davis Morris' piece on the new Smoking Ban signed into law in Philadelphia. As many of you know I am VERY against smoking bans --not just because I smoke, but because it's such an invasion of privacy and it has to be unconstitutional...and an infringement on my "choice"...and if you don't like smoke you shouldn't be at a bar...and if I pay $150 for a meal I should be able to enjoy a smoke with my coffee afterwards...and my cigarette smoke in your hair still smells better than your patchouli oil (should I go on...?)

    Anyway, this guy rules... Don't skim, READ IT! It's perfect...and funny.

    "...Philadelphia was always going to pass anti-smoking legislation. If it didn't happen now, it was going to happen eventually. Once planted in a region's imagination, smoking bans take on a death-and-taxes certainty. It's never a matter of if they will happen, but how they will happen, when they will happen, and who will get to take credit for it.

    This is partly because anti-smoking groups are tenacious, and partly because smoking is a crappy habit. However, neither of these things explain why smoking bans are becoming inevitable. The real reason so many cities have banned smoking in public places is because of the words "public places." Somehow, this phrase has come to describe privately owned bars and restaurants, which, by nature, tend to be privately owned.

    Just because you go "out in public" to visit these places doesn't make them public any more than having sex in a park in broad daylight makes the park private. There's an obvious difference between public and private property, and reasonable human beings can spot this difference. Unfortunately, this country is full of something, but it isn't reasonable human beings.

    I don't care if it sounds like I'm splitting hairs here. To me, this isn't an issue of mere semantics. If you call privately owned bars and restaurants "public places," it tells me you don't know what you're talking about. And if you don't know what you're talking about, you shouldn't be making — or even so much as influencing — policy. No one should care about your opinion. I'm not even sure you should have the right to vote.

    As a moron, you are just annoying enough to solve every problem in the worst and most uncreative way. Usually, this means imposing your preferences on others, instead of giving your fellow citizens a choice. Smoking bans are a typical case in point. Over the last few years, dozens of smoke-free bars and restaurants have opened up in Philly and the surrounding area. These restaurants are doing what all good restaurants do: They're catering to people's desires. Sometimes this means serving Italian food when customers want Italian food; other times it means banning smoking when customers don't like smoking.

    In a world that made sense, someone would've stepped back, taken a look at this trend, and concluded a Philadelphia smoking ban was unnecessary. Smoke-free establishments would continue to exist side-by-side with smoking establishments, and everyone would be happy because everyone would get their way. Instead, we've decided not to be happy unless everyone does everything exactly like we do. This is what you get when you don't even know what the words "public place" mean. When you don't understand the idea of private property, you tend to think every place on the planet needs the same rules." (Read the entire piece"When banning smoking, please speak English")

    Speak English

    Former Atlanta Braves' pitcher John Rocker is taking some heat for his new "Speak English" media tour. Reminds me of a shirt I had when I was a teenager...

    Though the baseball player has gotten in trouble with things he's said in the past, he says the purpose of this campaign is to preserve the 'American culture'. I'm cool with that. I know when I was in France the Parisians didn't give me an ounce of help when I was struggling with their language...

    I wonder if he's had a Geno's steak...?

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Conspiracy Theory Heaven...

    The past week has been heaven for the Area 51 crowd...

    The 9/11 conspiracy theorists are in a tizzy online claiming that Bush finally admitted to there being "explosives in the towers" during his Rose Garden press conference on Friday...

    Here is the statement they're referring to:

    "...The information that the Central Intelligence Agency has obtained by questioning men like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has provided valuable information and has helped disrupt terrorist plots, including strikes within the United States.

    For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of plane attacks on building inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people.

    He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping.

    He gave us information that helped uncover al-Qaida cells' efforts to obtain biological weapons..." (source)

    Which is spawning comments such as this in forums all over the internet:

    "So what, they gonna say that the cavemen with boxcutters planted explosives in the buildings! COME ON! I've had more believeble dreams before...
    This is fitting with the LEASE holder, Larry Silverstein admitting in a PBS documentary that "they were not sure they could contain the fires and they decided to 'pull the building' and watch it collapse"..."

    Good Lord. Even the anti-Bush member of Gov. Bill Richardson's staff (who met Michael Moore) that we had on the radio show last night said anyone who believes Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and anything to do with this is just a wacko...

    A good friend of mine told me the other day that his brother (an otherwise very intelligent and successful man) is buying into the whole 'Bush blew up the towers' insanity. If anyone knows a succinct body of information that summarily dispels this line of thinking...please give me the link. There are still plenty of articles from experts claiming this was an "inside job"...

    The second exciting event for this crowd came to light yesterday when NASA halted shuttle re-entry due to an unidentified flying object that is orbiting with the shuttle and was filmed by NASA. (source)

    Maybe the aliens in that floating debris gave Bush the invisible explosives to blow up the towers and the levees in New Orleans...

    What the hell, I might as well throw my own conspiracy into the mix...
    Maybe the ecoli outbreak in the spinach has been orchestrated by the "illegals doing jobs Americans don't want to do" to get back at us. ;) No really...

    Abigail Goes Home...

    Abigale Lynn Woods, the newborn who was abducted from her home last Friday, is now back with her mother and in good health.

    When I had Ninja (almost 6 years ago now) the hospital stressed the fact that new parents should not put signs announcing a new baby on your lawn.

    Last week when I took AB to Babies 'R' Us I noticed they still rent those huge wooden stork signs and said I something to the lady (that was before this happened).

    I am not blaming the parents...

    The woman who slashed the throat of baby Abigail's mother, Shannon Beck, had supposedly just miscarried close to her own due date. (source)
    She would have never known there was a newborn in the house without the sign. The sign may not have been there had there been education from the hospital and warnings from her OBGYN.

    Babies 'R' Us makes enough money from parents that I think they can do away with these signs. We no longer live in a world where we should be announcing our children to neighbors we don't know and any stranger that happens down our street.

    Luckily this was a deranged woman that wanted the baby for herself and not someone that was looking to sell a baby on the Black Market...

    I'm so glad she's home. I hope others learn from this story.

    The Bloggers' Burden - Pass It On

    ThreeSources' AlexC has tagged me so in the spirit of blogger camaraderie... I'm doing yet another MeMe (Can there really be any of these I haven't done yet?):

    Were you born before the end of the first Gulf war?

    I was born before the Gulf War was a twinkle in Saddam's eye.

    Childhood nickname?

    Oddly enough I never had any nicknames (pet names from boyfriends, but I won't be sharing those) until I started taking karate... now, I'm "Shorty".

    Historical person you have the biggest crush on?

    Hmm...crush on a dead guy huh, who wrote this quiz?
    No question though, Barry Goldwater.

    Favorite type of candy?

    Just one? Anything DARK chocolate.

    Favorite foreign country?

    That I've been to: Ireland
    That I want to go to: Australia

    Fish or chicken?

    Depends on what kind of fish and how the chicken was prepared.

    Do you have your own perfume line?

    I wish. I wear Burberry and CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle

    Have you ever written a children's book?

    Yes, and if my brother would finish the illustration I could retire this damn blog! LOL

    Have you been in a movie based on a book?

    No, but I've been on a radio show based on a blog ;)

    Ever posed nude for a photo?

    Define nude...

    Guiltiest pleasure?

    A pack a day.

    Your best non-guilty pleasure, then?


    What are you allergic to?


    Worst pickup line you've heard?

    Wow, I don't even know if I can put it here-
    "The CIA is looking for my D__ck. Do you have somewhere I can hide it"

    Were you bar mitzvahed?

    I think I would have to be BAT mitzvahed...though I act like a Jewish princess and love whitefish --I am indeed a shiksa.

    Have you ever cried during a TV interview?

    Many times. (Interviews with families of fallen troops, or missing children)

    If they made a movie of your life, who would play you?

    Christina Applegate

    Pet peeve?

    One? I have 500,000. Denim with denim (A MAJOR no-no), Women who tuck in shirts without a belt or a small waist, white sneakers, ratty handbags, bed head, character shirts on adults, dark arm hair on women, pantyhose, fake nails, bangs if you're over 14, "mom jeans"... I could really go on for hours....

    If you weren't doing what you do, what job would you like to have?
    Political consultant, social worker, troubled teen councilor or maybe "What Not to Wear" host...

    Place you will never be found?
    a Phish concert, a DNC rally, an anti-war protest or the Birkenstock store.

    Why did you participate in this tagging?
    For something to post today. I'm really tired...

    I'll share the pain with: the girls...
    Kali, Courtney, Zelda and Justrose

    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    '76 Underground : On Air - #3

    5 - 4 - 3 - 2 ...and Ghost and I are ON THE AIR folks.

    In addition to rehashing all today's news, we will be talking to a (former) member of Governor Bill Richardson's (D-NM) homeland security team.

    The Call in number is


    Go on over to Wide Awakes Radio and Click the LISTEN LIVE button to stream tonight's show.

    Have You Noticed...

    ...the silence in the left'osphere over Richard Armitage's admission to being the CIA Secretary Valerie Plame leaker?

    Is there silence because Armitage was a known hold out to the Bush Administration’s war policies?

    Robert Novak himself says, "Zealous foes of George W. Bush transformed me improbably into the president's lapdog. But they cannot fit Armitage into the left-wing fantasy of a well-crafted White House conspiracy to destroy Joe and Valerie Wilson. The news that he and not Karl Rove was the leaker was devastating news for the Left." (source)

    What? No apologies to Karl Rove are forthcoming? Helllooooo? Kos? Atrios? Anyone?

    ...And speaking of that, is Scooter Libby still in jail?

    And maybe you've also notice that now that the left can use Colin Powell's words against Bush, they have stopped calling him an "Uncle Tom"...

    ...And if you feel like gloating you can look at all the images left wing bloggers made in anticipation of a Fitzmas that never came...

    **And for those that never travel through the left'osphere and don't know about this crushing disappointment:
    "Fitzmas is the name given by some liberal American bloggers to the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation primarily among Democrats and some others preceding the announcement of results of Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation of the Plame affair. On October 28, 2005 Fitzgerald announced that the grand jury had indicted Lewis Libby, who was then the Chief of Staff and assistant for National Security Affairs to Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States (Libby also served as Assistant to the President). The word "Fitzmas" is a portmanteau of Fitzgerald's name and "Christmas". (source)