Thursday, August 17, 2006

Will the U.S. Ever Win Another War?

I realize we have the capability to win any war against any country. We have better troops, better equipment and more patriotism...But that wasn't the question.

We could have won in Vietnam...but we didn't. We could be wrapping things up in Iraq...but we're not.

Given the fact that the American public seems incapable of handling the reality of an unconventional war, coupled with the fact that the days of conventional warfare seem long gone...are we doomed to lose from here on out?

We can't keep going into Guerilla warfare situations if we aren't willing to fight that way... (Shouldn't the left be all for the fighting style of their hero Che?)

...The farmers with rakes and hoes have found a way to cripple the superpower. Start drawing the patterns for your burkas...

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