Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why Go to College?

Can you believe if you Google Air Guitar Championships more than ten pages of results come up? There is actually a "US Air Guitar logo?!

This from the website:

"..US Air Guitar is the official air guitar association of the United States and is responsible for operating the US Air Guitar Championships, official Regional events and specialized championships such as the Collegiate Tour.

US Air Guitar is devoted to taking our nation's unofficial pastime out of the bedroom and putting it up on the world stage. US Air Guitar has an alliance with the World Air Guitar Association and each year sends the US Air Guitar Champion to compete for the world title in Oulu, Finland.

Founded in 2003, the US Air Guitar Championships have grown into a major national event that reaches more cities, fans and competitors every year." (source)

So, kids, put away the college loan papers and pick up your air guitar... You may be able to make a living not playing an instrument of you win the Air Guitar World Championship.

Wow, this kinda makes D&D and karaoke seem cool...

(H/T: JustRose)

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