Friday, August 11, 2006

Why Couldn't This Article Have Been Written in 1989?

All throughout high school, I constantly fought with my PE teacher about being forced to take gym class. It's not that I wasn't an athletic person...I was --that was the point. I played field hockey, was a cheerleader, ran the 50 yard dash and played softball. At least one sport each why did I need to get all sweaty first period (remember, this was the eighties...I had BIG hair) and play dodge ball and run that ‘President’s test’ two miles? I once refused to participate and informed Mr. S that I would take gym when he put on a pair of pantyhose (it was the 80's!) over sweaty legs...

Now, a textbook has been released in Britain equating cross country running in PE class to abuse...

"..Cross-country running at school could be a form of physical abuse, a textbook for teenagers suggests.

A chapter of the book, distributed by Co-ordination Group Publications, says children have the right to protection from physical and emotional abuse.

It lists bullying and cross-country runs as possible examples." (source)

I would have had legal grounds! ;)

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