Saturday, August 19, 2006

When Americans Work Together...

We are amazing when we pull together. After 9/11 citizens poured into lower Manhattan from all over the country. It was regular citizens that took down and subdued would-be shoe-bomber Richard Reed. Citizens from all over the country gave until it hurt after Katrina, and just the other day it was civilian passengers that took down that strange muttering, peeing woman on the flight that was diverted to Boston...

Americans have become so self absorbed talking and texting on cell phones, living in single McMansions with no neighbor interaction and shopping online so that they never have to leave the confines of their house... but on those rare occasions when we engage the world around us incredible things are accomplished:

"...A Philadelphia neighborhood has fought back against crime. Police say it was the quick actions of residents that stopped a teenaged girl from being abducted, and helped put a wanted rapist behind bars.
For a 14-year-old, your own home is supposed to be safe. Friday night at 9:30pm, it was the scene of an attempted abduction. A woman whose identity we're protecting says her daughter and a friend were sitting on a porch swing. A man then jumped their fence and pointed a gun at them.

Mother: "He told my daughter if you don't come with me I'll kill you."

The 14-year-old went with the man and her friend and her sister who were inside the house started screaming. Neighbors like Ken Hyers heard the commotion and came outside.

Ken Hyers\Neighbor: "It wasn't only me the father came out all the neighbors came out we evidently spooked the guy and he let her go."

But Hyers didn't want the man to get away. Hyers followed him to his car parked down the block behind a trailer.

Hyers: 'The guy came out with a gun and said he was going to shoot everyone."

With Townwatch training under his belt, Hyers knew what to do.

Hyers: "I wasn't there to try to grab him or apprehend him. Townwatch information tells you to get information and that's what I did."

The information was so good that police say they apprehended 18-year-old Antoine Mathis down the street. Police noticed similarities between Mathis and a sketch of a suspect wanted for an August 7th sexual assault that occurred a few blocks down on the 200-block of East Comly..." (source)

If we just all agree to bond together to stop pedophilia and terrorism --we actually could change the world...

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